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Serbian bus carrying 49 passengers, including many children, crashes on Bulgaria's Trakia Highway

A bus with Serbian registration has overturned at kilometer 216 of Bulgaria's Trakia highway (A-1) in the direction of Sofia shortly after 8 pm this evening . 49 people - children and adults - were travelling in the bus.  The children are part of a..

14.08.22 23:03 |

Lines of waiting cars hinder traffic to Bulgaria's Black Sea coast and Greece

A few days before the official start of the seaside holiday season, kilometers of queues of cars clogged the bypass of the Trakia highway through Stara Zagora , Nova TV reported.  The columns of cars at the exit of the Trakia highway near Chirpan to..

26.06.21 16:38 |

Protest blocks temporarily traffic on Trakia motorway

20-km long line of vehicles blocked traffic on Trakia highway because of a protest march of cars driving at 50 km/h. The car rally, which was organized by "Together Movement", started from Sofia and headed for the town of Pazardzhik. Later, the..

12.08.20 15:52 |

Six fatalities in severe road accident on Trakiya highway, update

Six were killed in a traffic accident this morning on the Trakiya highway, the Center for emergency medical aid has said. Twenty-two have been injured and have been taken to four hospitals in Sofia. Seven patients are in a critical..

13.04.18 17:43 |

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