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Trend: The winner of the elections remains unclear

The winner in Sunday’s election for parliament remains unclear, a survey by Trend agency shows. The margin between GERB-SDS and We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria is 0.3%, at 26.4%  and  26.1% respectively. The margin..

31.03.23 10:27 |

Trend survey: Five formations to enter next National Assembly

In the first week of the election campaign, the coalition We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria is 0.9% ahead of GERB-SDS, a survey of electoral attitudes conducted by the Trend polling agency shows. The coalition We Continue the Change -..

16.03.23 10:42 |
Plamen Rusev

At the "Powers Summit" in Sofia: 57% of Bulgarians thought their lives were better before the political changes after November 1989

"In the political limbo we have witnessed months of political angst and disrupted dialogue. Never in Bulgarian history since the Liberation (1878 - ed.) has there been 5 consecutive elections in 24 months," said Dr. Plamen Rusev, Executive Chairman of..

20.12.22 14:15 |

8 formations would enter Parliament if elections were now: Trend

8 political formations would enter the Parliament if elections were held today, indicates a sociological survey by Trend agency, commissioned by 24 Chassa newspaper. 19% of the respondents assess positively the work of the National Assembly, down..

16.05.22 10:08 |

Rising prices are Bulgarians’ biggest problem: Survey

The rising prices are challenge number one for the new government, indicates a survey by Trend sociological agency commissioned by 24 Chasa newspaper.  58% of the respondents say that this is the most urgent issue that needs to be addressed...

26.01.22 13:48 |

Trend: More than two-thirds of Bulgarians observe traditions on Christmas Eve

79% of Bulgarians make Christmas decorations and observe the traditions on Christmas Eve, a survey by Trend marketing and social research agency, commissioned by 24 Chassa newspaper , show. According to almost half of the respondents,..

23.12.21 10:50 |

According to Alpha Research and Trend, GERB-SDS is first political force

The exit poll conducted by the Alpha Research Agency ranks GERB-SDS in the first place with 24.8% of votes, followed by "We Continue the Change" - 24.1%, BSP - 13.7%; MRF - 10.7%; "There is Such a People" - 9.9%; "Democratic..

14.11.21 20:34 |

80% Bulgarians do not know what the country’s position on the Green Deal is: survey

80% of people in Bulgaria do not know what Bulgaria’s position on the Green Deal is, and 83% - what the EU’s aims are in gradually making the economy independent of coal as a source of energy, a survey by Trend research centre shows.   68% of the..

16.10.21 16:53 |

Snap elections now would only duplicate current parliament: survey

The same 6 parties which are in the 46 th National Assembly would enter the next parliament if snap elections were to be held, indicates a survey conducted by Trend research centre and commissioned by 24 Chasa newspaper. With 22.4% GERB-SDS is..

06.08.21 13:20 |

45% say they are going to vote at the elections: survey

5 formations are certain to enter the next parliament, and 2 stand a chance of entering, shows a survey by Trend polling agency, financed by 24 Chasa newspaper. 18 days before the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria on 4 April, the..

18.03.21 10:25 |
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