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The week starts under the sign of resignations in Bulgaria’s cabinet

Bulgaria’s Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva and this country’s Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Vanya Koleva handed in their resignations on Saturday as the anti-corruption body started an investigation into controversial purchase of luxury..

25.03.19 09:40 |

Georgi Cholakov inaugurated as new Chairman of Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court

Georgi Cholakov was inaugurated as the new Chairman of the Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court. Cholakov will have a mandate of seven years. Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev attended the ceremony. Initially, Rumen Radev refused to decree the..

22.11.17 16:33 |

Latest EC report the most positive so far: Tsetska Tsacheva

The latest European Commission report under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism is the most positive one we have had so far, and I categorically oppose the stance of Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Kornelia Ninova that the report is a..

15.11.17 13:31 |

Bulgaria’s new Supreme Judicial Council inaugurated at official ceremony in Sofia

Bulgaria’s new Supreme Judicial Council was inaugurated at an official ceremony in Sofia. Bulgaria’s Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva called on the new members of the Supreme Judicial Council to restore the confidence of the Bulgarian citizens in..

03.10.17 13:26 |
Tsetska Tsacheva

Justice Minister Tsacheva criticizes socialist party anti-corruption bill

Justice Minister Tsetska Tsacheva has rejected the words of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Kornelia Ninova that the anti-corruption bill which the government is currently working on, does not meet the interests of society and that the BSP's..

13.08.17 18:07 |

Sofia welcomes agreement about European Public Prosecutor’s Office

Bulgaria’s Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva welcomed the agreement between 19 EU member states including Bulgaria about the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office. At a sitting of the Justice and Home Affairs  Council  in Luxembourg..

09.06.17 10:05 |

Chairman of Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov demands new constitutional amendments

At a meeting with Bulgaria’s Premier and leader of GERB Party Boyko Borissov the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov called the latest constitutional reforms “mimicry of reforms” and insisted that the reform should continue with new..

19.05.17 14:08 |
President Plevneliev

President Plevneliev: A resignation by the government does not mean parliamentary crisis

After PM Boyko Borissov stated that the ruling GERB party would “not take any part in governance" if its presidential candidate Tsetska Tsacheva loses the presidential runoff, President Rosen Plevneliev commented that a resignation by the government..

13.11.16 13:21 |

Presidential election runoff proceeding normally

The Central Election Commission has announced that the runoff of elections for president and vice-president in Bulgaria is proceeding normally. At 10 AM the voter turnout stood at 10.59 percent. At the same hour during the first round of the..

13.11.16 12:48 |

Bulgaria holds runoff of presidential elections

The runoff of presidential elections in Bulgaria begins at 7 AM local time today between the two presidential candidates and their running mates who won the first round of the elections for president on 6 November. Rumen Radev with running mate Iliana..

13.11.16 07:00 |
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