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Chiprovtsi hosts the town's traditional carpet festival

More than 60 artisans from all over the country will take part in the Chiprovtsi Carpet Festival in the Balkan town of Chiprovtsi from April 29 to May 1, Mayor Plamen Petkov said. Among them are craftsmen from neighbouring Serbia. Apart from..

29.04.22 12:18 |

Phototype exposition “The UNESCO listed world heritage sites in Bulgaria” opens in Ruse

The traveling phototype exposition “The UNESCO listed world heritage sites in Bulgaria” was arranged in the History Museum in Ruse. It consists of 7 wall panels with prints of photographs of the seven sites that represent the cultural heritage of..

13.02.22 10:35 |

Praise Radio!

Trust is the theme all radio stations around the world are discussing today, February 13. And there is a reason for that. In times of pandemics, contradictory information and fake news, UNESCO has chosen to focus on "Radio and Trust" on the..

13.02.22 08:25 |

UNESCO to promote Bulgaria’s coastal town of Nessebar

A joint project of the Bulgarian National Television and UNESCO will promote Bulgaria’s cultural heritage in 5 languages. The coastal town of Nessebar will be promoted first through a film from the year-long programme titled “The Next 50: World..

31.01.22 13:26 |

18th century work of art carpets find their way back to Chiprovtsi History Museum through donation

A valuable donation was received by the Historical Museum in the town of Chiprovtsi in Northwestern Bulgaria. Timothy and Penelope Hayes - an American family couple who collect and study antique carpets made in the Balkans - donated to the museum..

23.01.22 10:10 |

Kiril Shtrapulin has been decorating the heads of Pernik mummers with his bizarre masks for many years

Let's drive away the evil forces on Surva! - is the motto of the largest festival of masquerade games in Bulgaria and the Balkans . Traditionally, the festival held in the town of Pernik brings together thousands of participants,..

13.01.22 11:31 |

UNESCO recognizes traditional singing from Bulgaria's Dolen and Satovcha as world cultural heritage

The so-called "visoko" multipart folk singing from the villages of Dolen and Satovcha, Blagoevgrad region, South-western Bulgaria, has been listed by UNESCO as part of the world's intangible cultural heritage. The decision was made at the 16th session..

16.12.21 13:19 |

Nina Nankova: There will always be scientists in the world because scientists are formed in the family

As the search for a cure for coronavirus has been progressing in the past two years, a plant known as “ghost plant” ( graptopetalum paraguayense ) got the attention of scientists because of its antimicrobial properties. At first glance..

12.12.21 11:35 |

Bulgaria becomes a member of the World Heritage Committee

Bulgaria was elected a member of the World Heritage Committee at the session of the General Conference of UNESCO held in Paris. The World Heritage Committee meets once a year, an consists of representatives of 21 of the States Parties from the..

25.11.21 18:34 |

UNESCO and Bulgaria to mark 300th anniversary since the birth of Paisius of Hilendar

At the proposal of Bulgaria, the 300 th anniversary since the birth of Paisius of Hilendar has been included in the UNESCO list of commemorations and anniversaries for 2022-2023. The list was approved at the 41 st session of the UNESCO..

19.11.21 14:02 |

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