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Bulgarian government extends state program for sheltering Ukrainian refugees

The Bulgarian government has extended until March 24, 2023 the validity period of the Program for Humanitarian Assistance to Displaced Persons from Ukraine with Provisional Protection in Bulgaria.  New accommodation will be carried out only in..

17.11.22 09:05 |

There are no stage-by-stage measures for an independent life for the Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria

“Bulgaria takes the best care of its refugees out of the entire EU… and from day one they were put up at hotels… it is just that the financing ran out,” caretaker Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov said at the end of last week in an interview..

08.11.22 13:56 |

Ukrainian refugees to move from private to state-owned hotels by November 15

Ukrainian refugees have time until November 15 to decide whether to go to state-owned accommodation bases. These are hotels where all state employees and their families rest, caretaker Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov told BNT. We..

06.11.22 11:58 |

Rumen Draganov: The responsibility for Ukrainian refugees was shifted to the Ministry of Tourism

"The State Agency for Refugees refuses to take responsibility for the Ukrainian refugees", P rof essor Rumen Draganov, Director of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism , said for Nova TV . According to him, the..

17.10.22 19:17 |

Ongoing programme for accommodation of Ukrainian refugees ends on August 31: Deputy Minister

The ongoing programme for accommodation of Ukrainian refugees ends on August 31, Bulgaria’s Deputy Minister of Tourism Irena Georgieva said for the BNT. Nearly 26,000 Ukrainians have been accommodated in 1,000 hotels and state facilities. A..

21.07.22 10:38 |

Bulgarian language teaching remains a problem for Ukrainian refugees

There are about 87,000 Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. Nearly 26,000 were accommodated in hotels and state facilities under the government programme that will continue until 31 August, indicate data of the portal "Bulgaria for Ukraine". It is..

20.07.22 15:44 |
Outgoing PM Kiril Petkov during yesterday's unannounced inspection of TPP Brikel

PM Kiril Petkov: Hoteliers are going to be paid their money for accommodating Ukrainian refugees today

“The money for the hotel operators who have put up Ukrainian refugees at their hotels is going to be paid out today,” outgoing Prime Minister Kiril Petkov stated. For the purpose, the sum of 80 BGN million (a little over EUR 40 million) of European..

20.07.22 10:59 |

Ukrainian refugees make up for staff shortages in tourism

At the height of the summer season, hotel and restaurant operators face a serious problem – staff shortages at Bulgaria’s resorts. A significant drop in interest in tourism as an education has been registered in the country, Genka Rafailova,..

13.07.22 17:13 |

The number of newly employed exceeds the numer of jobless citizens

At the end of June and at the beginning of July, less than 5,000 people were registered in the labour offices, while the number of newly employed was twice higher - more 10,000. According to Atanaska Todorova, a labour market expert at the..

12.07.22 17:34 |
Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Hristo Prodanov

Tourism Minister Hristo Prodanov: Ukrainian refugees should be integrated promptly

Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Hristo Prodanov said that he expected a 15%-20% increase in accommodation, services and food prices on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In an interview for Nova TV, Minister Prodanov expressed hope that the 2022 summer..

12.06.22 11:42 |

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