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What did the temple of Fortuna in the Roman colony of Ulpia Oescus look like

Visitors to the National History Museum in Sofia can now take a virtual walk in the temple of the ancient Roman goddess of happiness and fortune Fortuna. The building is part of the former Roman colony of Ulpia Oescus near the present-day..

22.06.22 13:57 |

Ulpia Oescus – stories of rise and destruction

It was once one of the most glamorous cities along the Danube. Today its ruins are scattered over a huge area in the vicinity of the village of Gigen. The imposing columns with capitals, exquisite consoles and marble blocks are piled..

04.10.20 05:30 |

Head of a statue, probably of a Roman emperor, unearthed during dig near Gigen village

Archaeologists made remarkable discoveries during excavations on the site of the ancient city of Ulpia Oescus, close to the village of Gigen in Pleven district. The finds include well-preserved marble columns and capital fragments, as well as the head..

23.08.18 11:37 |

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