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Kozloduy NPP

Unit 6 of Kozloduy NPP disconnected from power grid

Unit 6 of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant will be disconnected from the country's power grid as of 10 December for an indefinite period. According to information of the nuclear power plant, the cause is a leak in the hear conduit of the steam..

09.12.22 13:47 |
Kozloduy NPP

Leak in cooling system of generator is delaying the restart of Unit 6 of NPP Kozloduy, energy minister says

After Unit 6 of the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant was put into operation, a leak was ascertained in the coolant system of the electricity generator. Tests are being conducted to identify the cause of the problem, Minister of Energy in the..

31.10.22 10:27 |
Unit 5 of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant was shut down in April for an annual scheduled maintenance.

Kozloduy NPP Unit 6 is shut down for refuelling

One of the two operating units at Kozloduy NPP - unit six - will be shut down on September 24 for planned annual maintenance. Reactor refuelling with fresh nuclear fuel, equipment servicing, tests and inspections will be carried out.  All the..

21.09.22 16:30 |
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