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VAT registration threshold in Bulgaria doubles

The VAT registration threshold for companies in Bulgaria will be raised from €25,564 to €51,129 on January 1 next year. The National Assembly unanimously accepted the amendments proposed by "Democratic Bulgaria". In order to raise..

14.07.22 15:08 |

Parliament doubled the amount of the VAT exemption threshold for businesses

The National Assembly has amended the VAT exemption threshold for businesses from €25,500 to €51,000 of turnover from 2023. The amendments to the VAT law adopted at first reading affect a large number of  small and medium-sized enterprises...

08.07.22 15:42 |

Bulgaria’s lawmakers finally adopt the amendment of the 2022 state budget

Following two days of debates, Bulgaria’s lawmakers have finally adopted the amendment of the 2022 state budget. “The MPs exercised responsibility against the backdrop of a complicated political situation. It will be difficult, yet not impossible,..

01.07.22 11:56 |

Zero VAT for bread and flour, finally decided by Parliament

Zero VAT on bread and flour until July next year - this is the final decision of the National Assembly in the state budget update.  The proposal to reduce VAT on oil, fruit and vegetables from 20 to 9 per cent was rejected. The excise duty on..

29.06.22 14:58 |

VAT on oil, fruit and vegetables to remain at 20%, bread will not be taxed

Bread will not be taxed with VAT,  the parliamentary budget committee, which is debating the second reading of the state budget update, has decided. The committee, however, rejected the proposal of GERB and Vazrazhdane parties to reduce the..

27.06.22 14:51 |
Plamen Abrovsky

9% VAT on oil and zero VAT on bread proposed by Parliament Agriculture Committee

Value added tax (VAT) on sunflower oil, fruit and vegetables to be reduced to 9% for a year from 1 July i s the proposal of Parliament Agriculture Committee Chairman Plamen Abrovsky and his fellow members of There Is Such a People party.  EUR..

22.06.22 15:39 |

Parliament approves budget update at first reading

The MPs approved, at first reading, the update of the state budget. As of 1 July a differentiated VAT rate is being put in place – for bread VAT will be zero, for natural gas supplies – 9% instead of the current 20%. VAT on wine and beer served at..

17.06.22 09:58 |

Bulgaria’s cabinet expected to approve the new anti-crisis measures today

Bulgaria’s Premier Kiril Petkov called the anti-crisis measures amounting to EUR 1 billion “unprecedented”. The new measures will be included in the amendment of the state budget. The cabinet is expected to approve the measures at today’s sitting...

08.06.22 10:54 |

Restaurateurs outraged by return of 20% VAT on beer

Members of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association will meet early next week in the Sunny Beach resort to discuss their future actions after the government's announced the return of 20% VAT on beer and wine. The tax was..

19.05.22 17:22 |

Bulgarian cabinet announces package of anti-crisis measures

0% VAT on bread for one year, updating of pensions by about 20% as of July 1 and higher tax breaks for families with children - these are some of the measures included in the so-called anti-crisis package approved by the coalition partners in the..

18.05.22 11:56 |

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