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Bulgaria's National Assembly

New nationalist coalition registers for upcoming parliamentary elections

The nationalist parties Volya and the National Fund for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB) will run together in the April 4th parliamentary elections. This was announced by their leaders Veselin Mareshki and Valeri Simeonov in a statement in the..

10.02.21 12:02 |
Валери Симеонов

NFSB party calls for 3-week lockdown in Bulgaria

Following the example of a number of European countries, we must strengthen the anti-epidemic measures and impose at least 3 weeks of full lockdown , Valeri Simeonov, leader of the co-ruling National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB), told TV..

22.11.20 15:21 |
Protesters threw tomatoes and eggs at the NFSB headquarters last night

Roma activist: Boyko Borissov has become hostage to the United Patriots

“The prime minister has become hostage to his coalition partners – the United Patriots – as represented by the leaders of the nationalist parties Valeri Simeonov of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB), and Krasimir Karakachanov of..

07.08.20 14:33 |
Valeri Simeonov

Decision to clear blockades made by Coalition Council

I can't answer who suggested removing the tents. At the Coalition Council we discussed the issue for an hour and came to the conclusion that the police should do their job, NFSB leader Valeri Simeonov said. Speaking to Nova TV, the deputy speaker of..

07.08.20 10:21 |
NFSB leader Valeri Simeonov

NFSB leader Valeri Simeonov: Boyko Borissov remains Prime Minister, government stays

The government remains, and so does Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. With these words, the leader of the National Fund for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB) Valeri Simeonov answered telephone inquiries from journalists after today's Council of the ruling..

06.08.20 14:21 |
Valeri Simeonov

Possible cabinet reshuffles and government’s action will be clear within two days: Valeri Simeonov

“The possible cabinet reshuffles and the future actions of the government will become clear within two days,” said Valeri Simeonov, National Assembly Vice President and chairman of GERB’s coalition partner, the National Front for the Salvation..

21.07.20 10:28 |
Valeri Simeonov

Financing for power system’s cold reserve slashed over suspected abuse

Valeri Simeonov, leader of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria announced that the ruling coalition has made the decision to reduce, considerably, the money for the power system’s cold reserve. This will take place by order of Energy..

17.07.20 13:47 |
Boyko Borissov

Premier Borissov convenes ruling coalition council over protests

Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov is summoning on Thursday the council of the ruling coalition over the latest protests in search of a plan aimed to consolidate institutions in this country . During the meeting, GERB and the United Patriots will..

16.07.20 08:31 |

Bulgarian MPs fined for not wearing face masks in Parliament

Inspectors from the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate fined Bulgarian MPs for violating the regulation of Bulgaria’s Health Minister for mandatory wearing of face mask in indoor public places . 24 MPs were sanctioned with EUR 150 each by the health..

02.07.20 17:03 |
Valeri Simeonov

Ruling coalition announces post-crisis recovery measures

All rights arising with the state of emergency shall be extended by 2 months after the expiry of the state of emergency on 13 May. Vouchers will be introduced to promote tourism. The vouchers will only be available to people who have paid social..

05.05.20 14:14 |
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