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Iliana Yotova: We are strong when we are united

Bulgarian citizens are laying flowers to the monument of Vasil Levski downtown Sofia on the occasion of the 148 th death anniversary of the Apostle of Freedom in the presence of a children’s guard of honor, informs a reporter of BGNES agency...

19.02.21 10:31 |

Bulgaria in Pictures

The painting "I never stop thinking of you, Mother" - 1921 by Prof. Plamen Valchev, is a portrait of Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski.

19.02.21 10:22 |

Vasil Levski: a mission and an inspiration

Revolutionary Vasil Levski has long ago become a unifying figure for Bulgarians. Besides his fight for a “pure and sacred republic”, the Apostle of Freedom, as he has come to be known, has left us a legacy of truths in life that actions..

19.02.21 09:00 |

The captivating image of Levski and his heroic deed

The Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski is undoubtedly the ideal that unites all Bulgarians. Levski’s personality is very close to our hearts and children get impressed with his courage, dedication and patriotism at an early age. “The..

19.02.21 08:15 |
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Tourist hike “Following in the footsteps of the Apostle of freedom” organized today

The town of Lovech is marking 148 years since the death of Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski who fought for the country’s liberation from Ottoman domination, with a hiking trip “Following in the footsteps of the Apostle of freedom”. The..

19.02.21 06:30 |

Bulgaria marks 148 years since the death of national hero Vasil Levski

With military rituals military units from all garrisons in the country are marking 148 years since the death of Vasikl Levski, the Apostle of Freedom. By a tradition, ceremonies and military rituals are organized in different towns on 18 and..

18.02.21 19:05 |

10th day of protests calls for civil disobedience

At last night’s tenth consecutive day of anti-government protests, speakers at the protest in front of the Council of Ministers building in Sofia called for civil disobedience, and for “besieging” the National Assembly, and the buildings of state and..

19.07.20 10:36 |

BSP chairwoman pays honor to Levski

In front of the monument to Vasil Levski in Vratsa, BSP chairwoman Kornelia Ninova pointed out that the Apostle gave his life for equality, freedom, understanding between peoples and equality before the law, the party's press office reported...

18.07.20 16:31 |

Bulgaria marks 183 years since birth of Vasil Levski

Bulgaria celebrates today 183 years since the birth of the Apostle of Freedom - Vasil Levski. The center of events is his hometown of Karlovo. A liturgy was served in the church of St. Nicholas and wreaths and flowers were laid at the grave of..

18.07.20 11:40 |

Valuable exhibits in Vasil Levski’s childhood home bear evidence of his life and work

Vasil Levski, a national symbol of the fight against Ottoman domination, spent his childhood years in a modest home in the town of Karlovo. The Revival-time one-storey house of his family was built in the 18 th century by his grandfather Kuncho..

18.07.20 07:00 |
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