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Vasil Velev

The average Bulgarian is not impoverished, industrialist Vasil Velev claims

The average Bulgarian has not become poorer in 2022, Vasil Velev, Chairman of the Industrial Capital Association in Bulgaria, told BNR, quoting statistics. He explained that for some workers there is a higher wage growth, while for others the statistics..

12.03.23 16:44 |

CITUB: Bulgaria’s state budget is “tasteless pizza dough” for employees

“We will come out stronger from the crisis, but we are now in the eye of the storm. The turbulence is extremely big”, Bulgaria’s Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev said during the economic forum “The Noise of Money” which took place on June 7...

08.06.22 13:57 |
Vasil Velev

Bulgaria’s business demands resignations in energy sector

"Since the beginning of August, Bulgaria’s electricity prices were the highest in the entire EU. This is due to the damaging and incompetent management of the energy sector to the detriment of this country’s economy and households. We demand the..

10.08.21 15:52 |

Responsible solutions are needed to support Bulgarian businesses amidst Covid crisis

On the last working day of last week, the Bulgarian cabinet which has already filed its resignation submitted to the National Assembly a draft plan for the recovery of Bulgaria. The topic became a reason for endless controversies among the newly..

19.04.21 13:44 |
Vasil Velev, chairman of the governing board of BICA

Industrial Capital Association to assist prosecutor’s office in crime investigation

The Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) is to assist the prosecutor’s office in the investigation of financial, energy, environmental and cyber crimes.   The employer organization will alert the prosecutor’s office in the event of..

12.04.21 14:30 |

Gray economy in Bulgaria is brightening up, but still not enough

The Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (BICA) has presented a National Map of undeclared employment prepared by it. It is the undeclared employment that is the most common gray practice that is found on the labour market in Bulgaria...

22.02.21 16:56 |

Can sectors with business activities limited by Covid-19 survive?

The Covid-19 pandemic and anti-epidemic measures, which have been part of our daily lives for a year now, have had an extremely negative impact on a number of sectors. The revival of some of the industries during the summer was too short and was..

26.01.21 13:38 |
Vasil Velev

Bulgarian businesses in the conditions of recession, pandemic and political crisis

The Bulgarian economy registered a 10% decline over the second quarter of 2020 compared to the first three monthsof the year, indicate National Statistical Institute data. How are businesses operating in the conditions of recession, pandemic, and..

08.09.20 14:18 |
President of Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association Vasil Velev

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association: the crisis is already here!

The Bulgarian industry is not facing a dilemma whether the crisis may come-it is already here, the President of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association Vasil Velev told the Bulgarian National Radio. Vasil Velev pointed out that according to..

12.09.19 15:47 |

Bulgaria will need half million workers in next five years: BICA Chairman Vasil Velev

If Bulgaria’s economy continues to develop with the current rates the Bulgarian business will need an extra half a million employees and experts in the next five years. The shortage of manpower in Bulgaria is due to the demographic trends, migration..

22.10.18 10:44 |
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