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Bulgarian chess grandmaster Veselin Topalov wins against Aryan Tari from Norway

At the chess super tournament in Stavanger, Norway, former world champion Veselin Topalov recorded his first victory against Norwegian Aryan Tari. Topalov is now seventh out of 10 participants, with 3.5 points. The fifth round of..

04.06.22 17:27 |

Bulgaria's Veselin Topalov ranked among world's 50 greatest chess players of all time

Bulgarian chess grandmaster Veselin Topalov has been listed in the ranking of the 50 greatest chess players of all time of the largest chess community - chess24. Topalov, who held the FIDE world title between 2005 and 2006 and is a former leader in..

16.11.20 16:39 |

Bulgarian boy joins world chess elite

Nine-year-old Danail Popsafirov is now third in the world children’s chess rankings . Danail is a multiple champion of Bulgaria and winner of series of international prizes. A team of experts is working together with Danail. He is expected to make a..

01.09.20 10:29 |

Veselin Topalov with one draw and two losses at Grand Chess Tour in Paris

Bulgarian grandmaster Veselin Topalov scored one draw and two losses on the third day of the Grand Chess Tour in Paris. All quick chess matches have been played, Topalov scoring 5 out of 18 points. Magnus Carlsen is head of the rank list..

24.06.17 08:12 |

Veselin Topalov boycotts FIDE tournaments

Former chess world champion Veselin Topalov is not going to take part in tournaments of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the European Chess Union (ECU) unless the leaderships of the two organizations have been replaced. The ultimatum has been put..

04.01.17 17:20 |

Topalov with draw and loss in second round of Champions Showdown 2016 chess tournament

Bulgarian chess grandmaster Veselin Topalov has recorded a draw and a loss in the second round of the 2016 Champions Showdown chess tournament, taking place in St. Louis (USA). Playing with the black pieces Topalov lost on the 14th move against..

12.11.16 11:33 |

Chess: Veselin Topalov draws Anand in Saint Louis

Bulgarian Veselin Topalov has reached a draw in the eighth round of the Sinquefield Cup chess tournament in Saint Louis (USA) with a prize fund worth 300 thousand dollars and part of The Grand Chess Tour 2016 chain. Topalov reached a draw at his 43..

14.08.16 16:28 |

Topalov heads ranking in Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis

Bulgaria’s chess master Veselin Topalov defeated Chinese chess player Liren Ding and headed the current ranking at the chess tournament in Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis (USA) with a total score of 3.5 points. The tournament is a phase of the elite..

10.08.16 10:32 |

Veselin Topalov with first victory at chess tournament in Saint Louis

Veselin Topalov won versus Peter Svidler, Russia with the white pieces in the first round of the Sinquefield Cup Grand Chess Tournament in Saint Louis, USA. In the second round the Bulgarian grandmaster will be playing with the black pieces..

06.08.16 18:06 |

Veselin Topalov 16th in FIDE rankings

Bulgarian chess player Veselin Topalov places 16 th in the rankings of FIDE, the World Chess Federation effective from 1 April. His individual Elo coefficient is 2754 points. Another Bulgarian is among the top 100 of the FIDE April rankings,..

01.04.16 15:57 |

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