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Kyustendil celebrates 141 years since the birth of artist Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora

"Genius, it is that ingredient that makes the grape juice to vigorously ferment and become wine. In every drop of juice there are millions of ferments that are bubbling, boiling, fizzing, coming to the surface to manifest themselves,..

01.02.23 06:10 |

Exhibition marks the 140th birth anniversary of Vladimir Dimitrov-the Master

A unique exhibition of 350 paintings by Vladimir Dimitrov-The Master opens in the town of Kyustendil on the occasion of 140 years since the birth of the great Bulgarian artist. 15 works that have never been shown before are part of..

01.02.22 13:21 |
Self portrait

Vladimir Dimitrov - The Master: "In order to feel good, we need to be generous to each other"

February1 is the birth date of one of the most significant figures in Bulgarian art - Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora(The Master) (1.2.1882 - 29.9.1960). The day of his birth is celebrated as a real holiday by the inhabitants of the village of..

01.02.19 10:13 |
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