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Venko Sabrutev

We Continue the Change proposes lower VAT on bread, fruit, vegetables

“ We Continue the Change is proposing a reduction of VAT on home-produced bread, fruit and vegetables,” Venko Sabrutev, deputy chair of the parliamentary budget and finance committee said for the BNR. A reduction of VAT on electricity is also being..

19.04.22 15:51 |

"We Continue the Change" to become an official political party

Four months after coming to power, "We continue the change" will become an official political party . The establishment will take place on April 15 in Plovdiv. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and Deputy Prime Minister Assen Vassilev are expected to be..

14.04.22 11:52 |
Andrey Gyurov in parliament

We Continue the Change denies any backstage negotiations with North Macedonia

“No commitment has been assumed for lifting the Bulgarian veto regarding North Macedonia – the negotiations will continue and all accords between the two countries will be taken into account,” Andrey Gryurov , chair of the parliamentary group of..

07.04.22 16:50 |

"We continue the change" with 19,6% support, GERB - with 14,2%

"We Continue the Change" enjoys the declarative electoral support of 19.6% of adult Bulgarians, GERB is in second position with 14.2% . This is according to the regular monthly independent survey of Gallup International Balkan, conducted..

22.02.22 16:37 |
Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev

We Continue the Change demand the resignation of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev

Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev must resign and take responsibility for his actions , the parliamentary group of the ruling We Continue the Change party stated in a declaration read out in plenary, citing as motives the fact there are no..

14.01.22 12:12 |

A party without any MPS receives biggest subsidy

The Ministry of Justice published a report on the state subsidies the political parties and coalitions received for the parliamentary election on 14 November in the first tranche – for the period until the end of 2021. The report shows that over 2,300..

07.01.22 19:40 |
We Continue the Change co-chair Kiril Petkov

We Continue the Change are putting the finishing touches to the coalition agreement

The finishing touches are being added to the coalition agreement at a meeting of the parliamentary group of We Continue the Change which is taking place at the moment. Tomorrow it will be presented to its partners from the Bulgarian Socialist Party,..

07.12.21 19:13 |

President Radev begins consultations on formation of future government

On, 6 and 7 December, President Rumen Radev will hold consultations at the Presidency with the parliamentary groups of the 47 th National Assembly. Under the Constitution, President Radev is to receive, consecutively, representatives of the..

05.12.21 17:43 |
Kiril Petkov

Kiril Petkov: The future cabinet ministers will be able to choose their teams themselves

“We are sending the coalition agreement out to our partners and we are expecting their feedback,” Kiril Petkov, leader of We Continue the Change said in an interview for bTV. “By 8 December we are hoping to have an agreement, complete with..

05.12.21 10:47 |

Boyko Rashkov to remain interior minister if regular cabinet is formed

The caretaker Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov will also remain in office in the regular cabinet, Kiril Petkov, nominated for prime minister by the winning party "We Continue Change" (PP), told bTV . He declined to mention other names being discussed for..

04.12.21 14:13 |
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