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Weather forecast for Saturday, 12 February: Temperatures will gradually begin to fall

On Saturday minimum temperatures will range from minus 1° C. to 4° C., for Sofia around zero. There will be fog in the lowlands in the morning. During the day the clouds will increase, and there will be rain in the evening, mostly in the region of..

11.02.22 18:50 |

Weather forecast for Tuesday, 8 February: Precipitation, wind and changeable weather

On Tuesday there will be a moderate to strong Northwesterly wind which will usher in colder air. In the mountains there will be snow, and in the lowlands – rain or wet snow. Minimum temperatures minus 2° to 3° C., for Sofia around minus 2° C. During..

07.02.22 18:50 |

Weather forecast for Saturday, 5 February: Mild winter weather over the weekend

On Saturday morning the minimum temperatures in the country will range from minus 5° C. to 0, for Sofia around minus 5° C. During the day there will be sun with a temporary increase of clouds in the afternoon. Daytime temperatures will go up to reach..

04.02.22 19:50 |

Weather forecast for Friday, 4 February: Daytime temperatures will rise

Friday morning will be cold, with minimum temperatures ranging from minus 8° C and minus 3° C, for Sofia minus 7° C. During the day there will be sun, and changeable medium to high clouds. There will be a light to moderate Southwesterly wind...

03.02.22 19:45 |

Weather forecast for Wednesday, 2 February

On Wednesday there will be considerable clouds over the entire territory of the country. The rain in Eastern Bulgaria will gradually turn to snow. Minimum temperatures will range from minus 4° C. to 1° C.  In the Rhodopes, Strandzha and Sakar..

01.02.22 19:55 |

Weather forecast for Sunday 23 January: Temperatures will continue to drop

Over the next 24 hours the weather will continue windy and cold. In the morning there will be scattered clouds, more significant in the afternoon, and there will be occasional snow. The moderate, in the Danubian Plain and in the Eastern regions to..

22.01.22 18:05 |

Weather forecast for Friday, 21 January: Temperatures drop, there will be snow

On Friday a cold atmospheric front will sweep across the country. There will be snow over most of Bulgaria, in the valleys mingled with rain. In the afternoon the clouds will begin to disperse from the Northwest. Morning temperatures will range from..

20.01.22 19:50 |

Weather forecast for Tuesday 18 January: Windy and cold

During the night a cold front will sweep across the country with a strong Northwesterly wind. Occasional snow is expected, from North to South. Minimum temperatures 3°, 2° C. below zero, for Sofia around 3° C. below zero. Tomorrow the..

17.01.22 19:50 |

Weather forecast for Saturday, 15 January: Wind and changeable clouds

On Saturday minimum temperatures will range between 4° and 1° C below zero, for Sofia around zero. During the day there will be changeable clouds, in the higher reaches of the mountains there will be light snow. There will be a moderate..

14.01.22 19:50 |

Weather forecast for 9 January: A wet and foggy Sunday

Over the next 24 hours the weather will be predominantly cloudy. There will be occasional showers in the morning, mostly in the Southwestern part of the country. In the Northwesternmost regions the rain will briefly be mingled with snow. There will..

08.01.22 18:05 |
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