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31 депортирани в Русия деца се върнаха в Украйна

31 Ukrainian children return home after deportation to Russia

Thirty-one children who were deported to Russia have returned to Ukraine. This is the fifth and most difficult such mission to bring back deported Ukrainian children, said Mykola Kuleba, the founder of the Save Ukraine humanitarian organisation that..

09.04.23 12:41 |

The World Bank lowers its annual global growth forecast

Bulgaria’s economic growth in 2023 will be 1.7%, the World Bank forecast in a new report. The expected rise has been lowered from the 2.6% growth forecast announced in June. For Eastern Europe, the latest expectations are for growth..

11.01.23 09:59 |
Atanas Pekanov

The World Bank to consult Bulgaria on key reforms

" The implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan in Bulgaria has entered a key phase . It  includes many investment projects and  reforms that have been delayed for years. The World Bank will consult Bulgaria on some of..

17.10.22 19:04 |

Bank remittances by Bulgarians abroad to relatives in Bulgaria decrease

The money sent by the Bulgarian diaspora abroad to relatives in Bulgaria is decreasing . In March 2022, Bulgarians abroad sent only 14.9 million euros, according to the Bulgarian National Bank. The amount is almost equal to that of March 2021. But it is..

23.05.22 12:36 |
Education Minister Nikolay Denkov

More than half of teachers in Bulgaria leave after the first year: World Bank

Only 10% of the newly appointed teachers stay within the system of education, more than half leave after the first year, indicates a World Bank report for the 2014-2018 period. The second year is the most critical with 60% of the teachers leaving..

30.11.21 18:17 |

The World Bank expects higher economic growth in Bulgaria in 2021

The World Bank has raised its forecast for the development of the Bulgarian economy in 2021. Bulgaria's annual GDP is expected to grow by 3.7%. The previous forecast was for growth at the end of 2021 by 2.6%. But the bank emphasizes that the country's..

06.10.21 13:57 |
Kristalina Georgieva

IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva faces serious accusations

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva has been asked to provide explanations by her former employer, the World Bank, over putting pressure on staff to inflate data on China. According to an independent report by law..

17.09.21 15:25 |

Bulgaria provides gender equality in business

Bulgaria ranks 36th in the world according to the World Bank's "Women, Business and the Law" 2021 report . The index covers 190 national economies. Bulgaria has a score of 90.6 points out of 100 possible on indicators that include..

25.02.21 15:18 |

World Bank forecasts growth of 3.3% for Bulgarian economy in 2021

The World Bank has lowered its forecast for the growth of the Bulgarian economy for the current year to 3.3% compared to 4.3% in its June report. In 2022, the institution expects Bulgaria’s growth to accelerate to a level of 3.7%. At the same time,..

05.01.21 19:16 |

World Bank: Quality of Bulgarian education decreases

Decline in the quality of education in Bulgaria over the last decade - this finding is made by the World Bank in its latest update of the Human Capital Index. The index predicts a child's chances of developing their full potential and being in good..

17.09.20 13:11 |
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