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Exhibition in Yambol displays almost 300 eggs from more than 60 countries

An exhibition of almost 300 exhibits is on in the town of Yambol until 4 May, and the exhibits are...eggs from 63 countries, all of them belonging to psychologist Vanya Velkova, holder of a number of prizes and awards. The eggs are from..

09.04.23 08:25 |
Christmas buenek from Yambol

Nearly 300 carolers perform on the streets of Yambol

Nearly 300 carolers (koledari) danced through the streets of Yambol on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ. The local carol groups, called "kudi", started their tour late last night and continue today throughout the day, attracting hundreds of..

25.12.22 17:50 |

New photovoltaic production plant will be operational in Yambol by the end of 2023

Italian company for the production of photovoltaic modules has invested about 7 million euros in its new factory in the Bulgarian city of Yambol. Construction is expected to begin in April 2023 and production will start by the end of..

11.12.22 10:40 |

Two injured in latest police chase of SUV carrying 18 illegal aliens 

Two people were injured after last night's chase between police and a SUV carrying 18 illegal migrants on the road between Elhovo and Burgas. An Iraqi woman and a Syrian child were slightly injured in the incident.  The driver, a Georgian, was..

01.12.22 15:25 |

Italians to build the first photovoltaic module plant in Bulgaria

The first solar panel plant in Bulgari a will be built in the industrial zone of Yambol. According to estimates, the construction of the plant will cost 6.5 million euros . Investor Cristiano Camisani explained that Yambol was chosen after a long..

21.11.22 16:02 |

Exhibition in Yambol offers a journey to Bulgaria's culinary past

The first exhibition of Bulgarian culinary books from 1870 to the present day opened in the city of Yambol. The exhibits are part of a unique collection owned by Marin Lesev. In the course of more than three decades he has collected..

08.11.22 13:43 |
Stanimir Stanev, Deputy Secrerary-in-chief of Interior Ministry

Declared partial state of emergency continues in southern border regions of Bulgaria due to high migrant pressure

The partial state of emergency declared due to high migration pressure in the regions of Burgas, Yambol and Haskovo will be extended . It was announced on September 23 and will continue due to the urgent repairs of the forest roads.  In Yambol, the..

27.09.22 18:32 |

More than 300 subsidized jobs for Ukrainians in Burgas, Sliven and Yambol

In just three days, employers offered over 300 jobs for Ukrainian citizens under the Solidarity project in Burgas, Yambol and Sliven regions , Burgas Employment Agency said. The subsidized jobs are mainly in the tourism sector. Under..

10.06.22 05:40 |

Carolers from the town of Yambol perform the traditional Christmas dance “Buenek”

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, carolers from the town of Yambol dance to the rhythm of a unique dance called Koledarski buenek. The century-old tradition has been attracting the interest of ethnographers and local historians for years.  The..

24.12.21 17:42 |

Rise of Covid-19 cases reported among the vaccinated in Bulgaria's Yambol

In Yambol, there has been a rise in the number of people infected with Covid-19 among the vaccinated citizens. Therefore, the Regional Health Inspectorate recommends that a booster dose be administered 6 months after the second dose. So far, a..

17.12.21 18:05 |
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