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Travel, believe, love: The incredible life of Elena Krapcheva

Her life is like a movie… or like some kind of Bulgarian version of Eat Pray Love. And the moral is – believe in yourself and embrace freedom because fortune favours the bold. “Maybe what I have learnt all of these years is that you have to..

28.06.22 13:16 |
Victoria Georgieva

Bulgaria's Victoria Georgieva participates in official opening of Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam

The Eurovision 2021 song contest was officially opened with a ceremony in Rotterdam last night. The 39 participants in the contest were greeted on a turquoise carpet or through online appearances. The Bulgarian representative in the competition,..

17.05.21 09:12 |

Google and YouTube crash for an hour in the Balkans, including Bulgaria

Google and YouTube have suffered an outage in the Balkans, including in Bulgaria. The crash of  Google and of the video content platform YouTube has affected users in the Balkans, including Bulgaria and Turkey. The problem which lasted for almost an..

19.12.19 11:26 |

YouTube Star and Video Blogger – most preferred occupations by kids

Kids are different today. Their dreams on the future are now rarely of becoming doctors, writers, lawyers etc. They want to be YouTube stars or video bloggers and that is not a coincidence. Internet development forecasts show that a few years..

02.08.17 15:30 |

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