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Rila Monastery safeguards the relics of Bulgaria’s heavenly protector St. Ivan of Rila

“He who wants to be first amongst you, let him be the servant of all.” According to legend, that was the advice St. Ivan of Rila gave Tsar Peter while politely declining the royal gifts he had brought. The hermit monk set a personal example – tearing..

23.07.22 09:30 |

The Samokov Convent – an oasis of spirituality at the foot of Rila Mountain

This holy place was founded in 1772 as a convent of the Hilendar Monastery on Mount Athos. Over the decades, the convent of the Protection of the Mother of God (Pokrov Bogorodichen) was expanded as new buildings donated by locals were added to..

02.10.21 09:05 |

A new novel tells the story of painter Zahari Zograf

Professor Anna Topaldzhikova named her latest novel “The Wheel of Life”. The book is dedicated to the great Revival artist Zahari Zograf.  It is a novel about the dramatic path of the famous Bulgarian painter and his creations as a deep reflection..

14.03.21 06:00 |
The Wheel of Life, 
Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ, Veliko Tarnovo.
Saints Cyril and Methodius, 
Troyan Monastery

Zahari Zograf – the most prominent icon painter in the Bulgarian lands

Zahari Zograf, an emblematic figure of the Bulgarian National Revival, who has gone down in history as an artist, but also as an advocate for the use of the Bulgarian language in church service, died on 14 June 167 years ago. The master icon painter..

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