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The Albatross

108 years since first military flight in Europe

The first military flight in Europe was carried out by Bulgarian pilots – Radul Milkov and Prodan Tarakchiev. It was a reconnaissance flight on board the German Albatross over the besieged Edirne fortress. It took place on 16 October, 1912,..

15.10.20 16:07 |
Major-General Dimitar Petrov

Atlantic Council demands resignation of newly appointed air force commander

The Atlantic Council of Bulgaria is demanding the dismissal of the newly appointed air force commander. In a declaration posted on Facebook the Council is accusing Major-General Dimitar Petrov of sabotaging the acquisition of the new F-16..

13.10.20 15:52 |

First two repaired Su-25 aircraft arrive in Bulgaria

Two Su-25 jet airplanes, which are the first repaired military machines for the last 18 years, have arrived in Bulgaria. The planes underwent a major overhaul at the 558 Aircraft Repair Plant in Baranovichi, Belarus . They have acquired an expanded..

23.09.20 16:34 |

16 October, day of aviation and Bulgarian air force

16 October is the day of aviation and the Bulgarian air force. It is the day on which, 106 years ago, the first combat flight was carried out. At the aviation museum in Krumovo, visitors will be given an opportunity to experience what it is..

16.10.18 09:53 |
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