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Bulgaria's capital Sofia adopts program for cleaner air

Low-emission zones for transport and domestic heating will be established within the framework of the Complex Program for Improving the Atmospheric Air Quality for the Period 2021-2026 adopted today by the Sofia Municipality. A low-emission zone for..

22.04.21 18:50 |

No exceedance of fine particulate matter norms registered in Sofia in past 24 hours

No exceedances of the fine particulate matter norms has been registered in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia in the past 24 hours, air quality data published on the website of the Executive Environment Agency show.  However, exceedance of air pollution limit..

07.12.20 12:29 |

Sofia rates first in air quality in EC green capital competition

Sofia is in 7 th position out of 18 cities in the European Commission’s European green capital competition. Sofia comes first in the categories “air quality” and “integrated management”. The Bulgarian capital city performed well in the..

13.05.20 18:29 |

European Commission continues to monitor air quality in Bulgaria

The European Commission announced that it continues to monitor the air quality situation in Bulgaria and reminded that it has already taken decisive actions in the past. The EC initiated punitive proceedings against Bulgaria over the levels of fine..

23.12.19 12:10 |

European Commission refers Bulgaria to EU Court of Justice over poor air quality

The European Commission will refer Bulgaria to the Court of Justice of the EU over poor air quality, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella announced. The latest Sulphur dioxide data  presented show persisting..

25.07.19 15:11 |

Electrification of public transport to improve air quality in Bulgaria

Circular economy and clean air with an accent on the electrification of the public transport are among Bulgaria’s top priorities during the preparation of the next programming period of the EU Operational Programme Environment, Bulgaria’s Minister of..

18.02.19 16:36 |

Bulgaria to receive 17 million euro in EU funding for improving air quality

The EU has approved 17 million euro in funding for improving air quality in Bulgaria. The clean air project includes Sofia, Bourgas, Veliko Turnovo and other towns, in which one third of the country’s population lives. The project aims to..

15.02.19 16:26 |

Bulgaria receives EUR 57 million by EU to improve air quality

Bulgaria receives EUR 57 million by the EU structural and investment funds to develop measures to improve air quality, this country’s Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov said in response to a question of a Bulgarian MP. The money is not..

23.01.19 13:01 |

Third consecutive day of breathing high-polluted air in Bulgarian cities, update

Code yellow has been declared in ten regions in Bulgaria today because of fog. In many cities in the country high levels of air pollution have been reported again. According to the European Commission's "Air Quality Index", this morning,  particulate..

04.12.18 16:53 |

European Commission urges Bulgaria to take swift measures to improve air quality

The European Commission has warned Bulgaria that it has failed to comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU on air quality. A year and a half ago the Court ruled that the country is not complying with the limit values for..

08.11.18 17:33 |
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