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"Vices" Exhibition focuses on weaknesses of the Bulgarians

A century ago Bulgarians used to relax sipping their Turkish-style coffee with lots of sugar, eating Turkish delight or baklava as they engaged in talks. Discussing politics, they were shrouded in tobacco smoke holding a glass of absinthe in hand...

24.02.21 13:14 |

In the spotlight: Health and well-being of Bulgarian adolescents

Bulgarian adolescents occupy the first places in terms of smoking, alcohol and cannabis use and second place in terms of early sexual life. The alarming data was recently published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its report "Spotlight..

15.06.20 12:09 |

TISPOL operation against drink and drug driving launched

The European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) has launched an operation against driving under the influence. The operation will continue until 17 December in Bulgaria and all countries members of TISPOL. Driving under the influence of alcohol..

11.12.17 15:46 |

Bulgaria ranks highest in Europe in cigarette consumption by 16-year olds

Bulgaria is top of the list in Europe in cigarette consumption among 16-year olds, according to data of the National Public Health Centre, whereas in Europe there is an overall decline in smoking and alcohol consumption among teenagers. A joint..

21.09.16 16:15 |
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