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Toma Bikov

GERB party rejects amendments to Election Code demanded by President Rumen Radev

“GERB will not submit any one of the changes to the Election Code , proposed by the President,” stated GERB party MP Toma Bikov, formulating the position of the ruling party . “The proposal is for parliament, in the little time it has left, to..

14.01.21 18:40 |

European Parliament rejects amendments to rule of law resolution on Bulgaria pertaining to President

The European Parliament rejected the amendments to the motion for the resolution on the rule of law in Bulgaria pertaining to Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. With the votes of the socialists, the liberals and the greens, the amendment..

08.10.20 12:22 |

Amendments to Electoral Code adopted by legal committee

The Legal Committee at the National Assembly has adopted the proposals of GERB for changes to the Electoral Code by 11 to 9 votes. The ruling party proposed amendments that provide for a majority election of half of the MPs from the Grand..

01.09.20 16:01 |

EBRD concerned over personal bankruptcy law

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, has expressed concern over the proposed amendments to the law of obligations and contracts . The amendments, which have already been approved by parliament at first reading, impose a..

29.07.20 12:55 |
Rumen Radev

President Radev refers new measures against Covid-19 to Constitutional Court

President Rumen Radev signed the amendments to the Health Act but will refer some of them to the Constitutional Court. The lack of plan by the government has led to the adoption of the changes at the last possible moment with vague and..

13.05.20 17:54 |

President vetoes amendments to Privatization and Post-privatization Control Act, update

President Rumen Radev has returned the bill, adopted by parliament, on amendments to the Privatization and Post-privatization Control Act for further discussion over certain provisions. The president’s objections concern the paragraphs that will..

24.07.18 17:34 |
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