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The pandemic increases the risk of labour exploitation

In our day there are more slaves in the world than there have ever been in human history, show data of the UN International Labour Organization for 2021, according to which more than 25 million people live in some kind of modern slavery and forced..

18.01.22 11:45 |

Balkan Developments

Romania ease s anti -Covid measures ahead of Christmas The Romanian government has eased anti-epidemic measures ahead of the upcoming holidays. The night curfew and the obligatory wearing of masks outdoors have been abolished...

10.12.21 15:19 |

Bulgarians in London expect better coordination on Election Day

A two-in-one election is likely to make more people interested in the race and cast their ballots today. This interest can also be seen in faraway London, where thousands of emails with applications for voting have been submitted. Even in..

14.11.21 08:35 |

Bulgaria’s seaside beaches – the holidaymakers are yet to come

Though the weather may continue cool for the beginning of June, beaches along the southern portion of the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline are now ready to welcome holidaymakers. Under the beach management contracts, as of 1 June, beaches must..

02.06.21 10:39 |

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