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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 216

Health ministry mulls additional protective measures for senior citizens Bulgaria's Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov confirmed that due to the spread of the coronavirus, additional measures for the protection of the elderly..

09.10.20 19:23 |
Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov

There is no health crisis in Bulgaria: health minister

There is no health crisis in Bulgaria. Clear and precise criteria for the number of Covid-19 patients in certain areas are being developed. Let us not make people fear or panic , Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov said for BTV. I don’t..

29.09.20 09:19 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 205

WHO representative: Many people believe subjective claims about Covid-19 “All people must have equal access to a coronavirus vaccine, as is the task of the World Health Organization. There are indications that the vaccine will be made available..

28.09.20 19:07 |

Organizers of political events fined for non-compliance with anti-epidemic measures

The organizers of several public political events held last weekend are to receive acts for administrative violation of the anti-epidemic measures adopted against the spread of Covid-19, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health Informs. The organizers..

28.09.20 18:59 |
Associate Professor Angel Kunchev

Schools are places with lowest Covid-19 transmission risk: Angel Kunchev

We knew what the situation would be in Bulgaria’s schools after we saw what happened in the nurseries and the kindergartens. These places cannot be “Coronavirus-free islands”, this country’s Chief State Health Inspector Associate Professor Angel..

19.09.20 12:06 |

Why optimism in economy begins to give way to realism

Statistics about Covid-19 morbidity in Bulgaria and abroad is quite dynamic. The economic crisis in this country, Europe and globally, which was caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is unpredictable and full of uncertainties. In this context,..

16.09.20 12:56 |
Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov

New softer measures against Covid-19 enter into force on September 1

Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov has issued three regulations that will be in force during the emergency epidemic situation in September. They concern travels to Bulgaria, organization of education and working process..

01.09.20 12:28 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 158

Non-compliance with anti-epidemic measures is worrying: Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev Covid-19 poses huge risk to patients with chronic diseases, Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev, Chairman of the National Patients’ Organization told BNR. In his words, it is..

12.08.20 19:49 |

Drive-in cinema – Sofia's new attraction

In different parts around Europe, the pandemic has brought a new life to drive-in cinema – a trademark of American culture from the 1950s. The introduction of modern technologies and their rapid development has left car cinemas in..

26.07.20 07:10 |

Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 140

Total number of Covid-19 cases in Bulgaria exceeds 10,000 270 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours out of 5,963 PCR tests performed, the Single Coronavirus Information Portal informs. Thus, the total number of..

25.07.20 17:49 |
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