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Bulgaria joins international programme “Women for Bees”

Bulgaria is one of the five countries in the world that will participate at a UNESCO project for training of women beekeepers. The programme named “Women for Bees” begins on June 21 in France, on the territory of a bio reserve, where the..

12.06.21 10:50 |

Apiarists from Black Sea region look for new markets together

Apiarists from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Moldova are looking for opportunities to jointly enter new markets during the International Fair of Apiculture Products in Varna. For the purpose, the countries want to create a network of producers..

17.09.19 12:58 |

The Bee Museum in Sofia - showcasing biodiversity and helping people return to their natural environment

The time when the meaning of the word “museum” conveyed a sense of tedium – dreary buildings filled with boring expositions of items amassed through the centuries and handed down from generation to generation to illustrate historical, cultural or..

25.08.17 10:56 |
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