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Domestic production of fruits and vegetables in Bulgaria is decreasing

In the first quarter of this year alone, Bulgaria imported 88,000 tonnes of fresh vegetables and nearly 95,000 tonnes of fresh fruits, according to data from the National Statistical Institute. On the other hand, the areas planted with fruits..

19.06.21 10:46 |

Old Polish apples conquer Bulgaria’s market

Cheap Polish apples imported at a price of 6 Eurocents per kilogram have been conquering the Bulgarian market and ruining the business of the local apple producers, Bulgarian farmers alarmed in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio. The apples..

31.08.16 15:09 |

Bulgaria produces only 7% of all apples sold in the local market

Only 7% of all apples sold in the local market in 2015 were produced in Bulgaria and 93% of the apples were imported. 22% of all tomatoes, 33% of the meat and 44% of the milk sold last year in the Bulagrian market were produced in that country. Although..

06.06.16 17:52 |
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