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New archeological finds shed light on life near Cape Kaliakra

The excavation works on Cape Kaliakra at the northern section of Bulgaria's Black Sea coastline continue until the end of August. Numerous silver ornaments, rings, fragments of various pots and other items have so far been unearthed. “There is..

28.08.22 10:05 |

Varna Archaeological Society celebrates 120th anniversary

According to the idea of ​​archaeologists from the Regional Museum of History in Varna, a mobile application providing rich information about the brothers Herman and Karel Škorpil , was created BTA reported. The app marks the 120th..

12.12.21 07:55 |

Foreign volunteers assist the Historical Museum of Kavarna

Volunteers from 6 countries are assisting the Historical Museum of Kavarna, reported the Bulgarian National Television. The young people are assisting the museum in preparing the historical landmarks on  Cape  Kaliakra and Yaylata National..

29.06.21 18:32 |

Archaeological excavations begin in ancient city Heraclea Sintica near Bulgaria's Petrich

The archaeological summer in the ancient city of Heraclea Sintica near the town Petrich (Southwestern Bulgaria) will open on June 1 and will continue for four months . The work of archaeologists  during these excavations will focus on uncovering the..

30.05.21 10:02 |
Masque of Thracian ruler Teres 480-440 BC

5 facts testifying that Bulgaria has one of the oldest cultures in Europe

Bulgaria is among the European countries with the richest history. In terms of its cultural and historical heritage, Bulgaria is high in the European ranking. With more than 40,000 cultural monuments, Bulgaria places right after Italy, Greece..

20.03.21 11:15 |

Mouthless mask and a mass grave – Saltworks near Provadia reveal their secrets

This year's archaeological season at the oldest salt mining center in Europe, which dates back to the 5 - 4 th   millennium BC and became the first prehistoric town on the continent, is now over. The site is located near the present town of..

01.11.20 09:50 |

Photo exhibition presents most emblematic artifacts from ancient Deultum near Burgas

Four photographers from Burgas have captured the elegance of valuable artifacts in 24 impressive photos presented in a joint exhibition entitled "Inspiration Deultum". Among the artistically photographed archaeological finds one can see a lead..

16.08.20 06:00 |

Archaeologists discover exquisite marble statue in Rupite area

A statue of a female, most likely of a priestess, was discovered by archaeologists at Heraclea Sintica, an ancient city in the Rupite area near Petrich. The statue is very well preserved, although the head and arms are missing, said Assoc. Prof...

19.07.20 08:00 |
Marble female head found during the excavations of the ancient city of Heraclea Sintica in October 2018

Highlights of the archaeological summer of 2020 - part II

Between the layers of time, in the famous Rupite area near Bulgaria’s town of Petrich, the bowels of the earth have preserved the story of Heraclea Sintica , founded in the 4 th century BC. Scholars believe that the foundations of the ancient..

14.06.20 05:30 |

The most prominent archaeological events of Summer 2020 – Part I

There exists an established public agreement about the concept of archaeology, which mostly revolves around excavations and mysterious treasure hunts. However, in the eyes of archaeologists, the real treasures are the unearthed artefacts – tiny fractions..

06.06.20 06:30 |

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