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Dragomir Winery Estate

An international jury bestows Bulgarian Architectural Awards for 2021

The Dragomir Winery Estate  in the village of Brestnik, designed by architect Todor Obreshkov and Zoom studio has received the grand prize in the third edition of the Bulgarian Architectural Awards competition. "The space combines concrete, metal..

17.11.21 14:27 |

Fire erupts in neglected architectural monument downtown Sofia

Big fire engulfed an emblematic building on Vazrazhdane Square in the capital city of Sofia. The fire has been put off and the causes are yet to be investigated. The building has been unused since 2016 and this is not the first..

09.11.21 10:49 |
The building of Sofia's Central Baths

Taking a stroll in a neighbourhood of the capital city dubbed the Sofia Montmartre

The architecture of the capital of Bulgaria Sofia has undergone multiple changes since the city was declared the administrative and cultural hub, and the centre of public life in Bulgaria in 1879. Despite the relentless passage of time and..

17.09.21 09:00 |

Bulgarian Diana Foteva decorates palaces in Dubai

Diana Foteva has been decorating houses and palaces in the United Arab Emirates, turning them into unusual and beautiful places. She is popular because of her unique and exclusive style. For 16 years now, Diana Foteva has been creating..

09.12.20 13:39 |

Historical walk in Sofia shows how well we know our capital city

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia has been a center for different cultures, nations and ethnicities since ancient times, which is mainly due to its strategic geographic location- a crossroad between Western Europe and the Middle East. The city’s..

17.09.20 11:43 |

Bansko offers fresh mountain breeze and walks through history

The beautiful Pirin mountain with its diversity in every season has turned Bansko into a popular resort. When it is covered in snow, elite athletes compete on its slopes and skiers ride the well-maintained runs. But when spring comes, the..

08.08.20 05:00 |

Agushevi Konatsi – 19th century castle with no analogue on Balkan Peninsula

Agushevi Konatsi is an exceptional ensemble of residential and farm buildings, which together form the largest family castle of the medieval type in the Rhodopes. The residence is located in the center of the village of Mogilitsa, on the banks of..

29.02.20 08:25 |

Architectural gems of Bulgaria’s Ruse

Ruse is one of the Bulgarian cities with history that can be traced back to ancient times. It is situated on the banks of the Danube River and people have been living in the area for thousands of years. Throughout the..

10.12.19 14:04 |

Major-General Dimitar Pernikliyski’s house in Sofia is a monument of culture, restored thanks to its new owner

The topic of preservation of Bulgarian cultural heritage has long been part of public agenda. In the capital city of Sofia alone, the number of buildings - monuments of culture is about 800. Problems related to their status, given by the..

02.05.19 13:32 |
Hristo Popov's house in the past and now

Home of former Sofia Mayor Hristo Popov transformed into gallery

The topic of preservation of cultural heritage in this country is often in the focus of public attention in this country. Often, however, this happens only after yet another architectural beauty, bearing the spirit and style of a past era, is..

15.05.18 13:05 |
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