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Agushevi Konatsi – 19th century castle with no analogue on Balkan Peninsula

Agushevi Konatsi is an exceptional ensemble of residential and farm buildings, which together form the largest family castle of the medieval type in the Rhodopes. The residence is located in the center of the village of Mogilitsa, on the banks of..

29.02.20 08:25 |

Architectural gems of Bulgaria’s Ruse

Ruse is one of the Bulgarian cities with history that can be traced back to ancient times. It is situated on the banks of the Danube River and people have been living in the area for thousands of years. Throughout the..

10.12.19 14:04 |

Major-General Dimitar Pernikliyski’s house in Sofia is a monument of culture, restored thanks to its new owner

The topic of preservation of Bulgarian cultural heritage has long been part of public agenda. In the capital city of Sofia alone, the number of buildings - monuments of culture is about 800. Problems related to their status, given by the..

02.05.19 13:32 |
Hristo Popov's house in the past and now

Home of former Sofia Mayor Hristo Popov transformed into gallery

The topic of preservation of cultural heritage in this country is often in the focus of public attention in this country. Often, however, this happens only after yet another architectural beauty, bearing the spirit and style of a past era, is..

15.05.18 13:05 |

Architecture, construction and furnishing trade fair opens in Sofia

More than 180 companies from Bulgaria and abroad are presenting their latest products and services at the specialized architecture, construction and furnishing trade fair opening in Sofia today. The fair, which is on until Sunday, 2 April,..

29.03.17 09:42 |

More than 180 companies presented at Stroyko 2000

The biggest trade fair of architecture, construction and furnishing Stroyko 2000 will be held for the 48th time at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, March 29 – April 2. Over five days more than 180 companies from Bulgaria and abroad..

28.03.17 12:14 |
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