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Любен Зидаров

The doyen of Bulgarian illustration Lyuben Zidarov passed away

Master illustrator Lyuben Zidarov passed away on January 3, 2023 before he turned 100 , the Union of Bulgarian Artists reports. "We say goodbye to one of the brightest personalities in Bulgarian art over the past century," the union said.  Zidarov..

04.01.23 15:44 |

Ivan Milev's masterpieces will be shown to the Viennese public

Works of the famous Bulgarian artist Ivan Milev from the fund of the Art Gallery in his native town of Kazanlak will be presented in the Austrian capital Vienna. The exhibition "Life abroad. 125 years since the birth of Ivan Milev" will be opened on..

21.11.22 09:16 |
 Photo: provided by Mihail Vuchkov

Artist Mihail Vuchkov: Tolerance is key to a peaceful world

On November 16, 1996, the UN General Assembly adopted a Declaration of Principles on Tolerance and the date was declared International Day for Tolerance. It is a day to reflect on respect, acceptance and understanding for all the world's wide diversity..

16.11.22 16:00 |

Caricature focuses in itself the public outcry over politicians’ failure

"Everything that is happening in our political life now, with this constant going to the polls, is like beating a dead horse. We are like those squirrels who run constantly inside the wheel, so that they can use up some excess energy. People's..

15.11.22 14:56 |

A Bulgarian artist from Ukraine painting his genre works on... pumpkins

Ilya Zlatov, an artist from the village of Kulevcha, Bolhrad region, has found an unconventional use for his talent. To paint, he uses not any traditional canvas or sheet of paper, but... kratunki (decorative pumpkins). He created his first pumpkin..

13.11.22 10:15 |

Valentin Yordanov - the Bulgarian who changed the face of Las Vegas

Valentin Yordanov is a positive, successful and radiant person who has been transforming the face of Las Vegas with his extraordinary colourful art installations, paintings and sculptures. The story of the Bulgarian artist is fascinating and motivating...

27.09.22 16:00 |

Peter Stanimirov – the Bulgarian artist who illustrates Stephen King’s nightmares

He is known to generations of Bulgarians for his comic strips for the comics magazines Daga (Rainbow) and Chuden Svy at (Wonderworld). He is also author of movie posters and cartoons and has illustrated hundreds of books for children and adults of..

21.09.22 08:45 |

Liliana Dvoryanova and her stolen gazes of Renaissance portraits

To put on the eyes of a Renaissance man, take a peek into modernity and lose oneself into the swirling depths of one's imaginary world - this amalgam of past, present and imaginary is conjured up by the magical touch of artist Lil i ana..

14.07.22 13:27 |

Katya Zografova writes about the most remarkable women in the history of Bulgaria

In moments of crisis, when a nation is oppressed and desperate, it usually looks back to the past, to history, to find an explanation for why it has been subjected to such an ordeal. Then this nation needs t he bright memory of all those..

11.07.22 16:45 |

Magical Lapis specularis illuminates artifacts from ancient Serdica

Is it possible for an archeological museum to be the most suitable place for a modern art exhibition? The answer can be found in the spacious central hall of the Archaeological Museum in Sofia, where the exhibition "Lapis specularis. Underground Light”..

03.07.21 09:30 |
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