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The Askeer theatre award statuettes

Tzvetana Maneva wins lifetime contribution award at Askeer theatre award ceremony

The Askeer theatre awards ceremony took place for the 31 st time at the Bulgarian Army Theatre. The ceremony was dedicated to the 300 th birth anniversary of Paisius of Hilendar and was mottoed “A lesson in the Bulgarian language”...

25.05.22 10:15 |

InvestBulgaria Agency confers annual “Investor of the Year” awards

Balkanpharma-Dupnitsa was awarded the 2021 Investor of the Year award. The award was presented by this country’s Minister of Innovation and Growth Daniel Lorer. InvestBulgaria Agency organized the award ceremony for the 16th consecutive year. The..

01.04.22 11:58 |

Sportsperson of the Year awards announced today

The voting for the 64 th Sportsperson of the Year awards has ended. The selection is by all active sports journalists in the country who were able to cast their votes for top sportsperson, sportsperson with disabilities, team and coach of Bulgaria...

30.12.21 06:10 |

Invest Bulgaria Agency confers annual “Investor of the Year” awards

Invest Bulgaria Agency has confered the annual “Investor of the Year” awards for the 15 th  time. For the first time in the history of the contest the award ceremony took place entirely online, Bulgaria's Ministry of Economy has announced. The..

02.03.21 16:31 |

Annual Innovation Awards take place today

The Sixteenth National Innovation Forum "Economic Resilience through Innovations" is held under the auspices of President Rumen Radev on December 18 at 10.30. The event is accompanied by the award ceremony of the winners of the 16th edition of the..

18.12.20 06:00 |

Tourism Ministry to announce winners in online voting for annual tourism awards

The winners in the  online voting for the annual awards in tourism organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism will be announced tonight. The initiative aims to contribute to the promotion of Bulgarian tourism by presenting to the public the..

11.12.20 07:15 |

Bulgarian Red Cross presents awards to volunteers who helped people during pandemic

On the occasion of the 142nd anniversary of the founding of the Bulgarian Red Cross, the "Humanity" award ceremony will be held in Sofia. This year, the awards go to volunteers who helped people at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, "Focus"..

23.10.20 07:00 |

President Radev presents John Atanasoff Award 2020

For the 3rd consecutive year, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev gives the awards to the laureates of the presidential initiative "John Atanasoff Award". The awards are presented to young Bulgarian scientists in five categories. There are personal..

05.10.20 05:00 |

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