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Bank remittances by Bulgarians abroad to relatives in Bulgaria decrease

The money sent by the Bulgarian diaspora abroad to relatives in Bulgaria is decreasing . In March 2022, Bulgarians abroad sent only 14.9 million euros, according to the Bulgarian National Bank. The amount is almost equal to that of March 2021. But it is..

23.05.22 12:36 |

Bulgarian National Bank records drop in remittances from Bulgarian emigrants

In the pandemic year 2020, Bulgarians working abroad sent 339.4 million euros to their relatives in Bulgaria. This is 879.4 million euros or 72% less than the bank transfers for 2019, when 1.219 billion euro came to the country, according to BNB..

24.02.21 17:08 |

Revenue Agency: Payments exceeding EUR 5,000 can be made only by bank transfer

According to the current legislation, payments on the territory of Bulgaria amounting to EUR 5,112 or more must be made via bank transfer or deposits in payment account, the National Revenue Agency reminds. Between June and August 2020 more than..

08.10.20 13:46 |

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