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Bulgaria's poultry sector faces risk of mass bankruptcies

Industrial poultry farming in Bulgaria is in crisis and if no urgent measures are taken, mass bankruptcies are imminent, industry representatives warn . On the one hand, the purchase prices of eggs and chicken meat are falling lower and lower, at the..

23.06.21 17:27 |

Private educational centres, language schools under threat of bankruptcy

A number of educational centres, language schools and daycare centres are under threat of bankruptcy because of the order issued by the minister of health which halts in-person activities as of 29 October. Quite a few of their owners do not..

28.10.20 15:32 |

The next 6 months are crucial for the survival of startups

Over 42% of the startup companies in Bulgaria say that they face a moderate to high risk of bankruptcy in the coming 3 months.    75% say they are afraid this may happen in the next 6 months. The survey is by the Bulgarian Startup..

16.04.20 16:55 |

Number of Bulgarian companies that went insolvent in 2016 was twice higher as compared to 2008

The number of Bulgarian companies which went bankrupt in 2016 was twice higher as compared to 2008 (when the world economic and financial crisis occurred), data of the Registry Agency show. According to analysts, many companies stop functioning, but..

26.02.17 18:13 |
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