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Bulgarian banks’ profit rises significantly

According to data of the Bulgarian National Bank, the profit of the Bulgarian banks rose significantly to EUR 556 million at the end of August 2018 from EUR 567 million registered in the same period last year. Bank lending increased with EUR 230 in one..

01.10.18 10:06 |

Profit of Bulgaria’s banking system increases with 25% year on year

The profit of the Bulgarian banking system by end June 2018 amounted to EUR 409 million, which is 25% more as compared to the same period last year, data of the Bulgarian National Bank show. The total assets of the banking system amount to EUR 52..

31.07.18 17:15 |

Bulgarian Development Bank participates actively in 16+1 mechanism

The Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) hosts today and on July 5 a meeting of directors and senior officials of 14 banks belonging to the China-CEEC Interbank Association. At the meetings in Sofia, a cooperation program for the period 2018-2020..

03.07.18 10:46 |

EC rejects Bulgarian claims that banks sue debtors in line with EU law

The EC has formally rejected the position of the Bulgarian government that Art. 417 of the Code of Civil Procedure, according to which banks in Bulgaria sue their debtors in a fast-track procedure without the possibility for appeal, was in line..

28.06.18 17:35 |

Profit of Bulgarian banks reaches over half a billion euro

The profit of banks at the end of November in Bulgaria exceeds half a billion euro, according to data by the Bulgarian National Bank. However the profit of the banking system is lower in comparison to last year’s. Deposits continue to rise, as..

30.12.17 13:17 |

Money in circulation in Bulgaria rise by over 12 percent for a year

The Bulgarian National Bank has reported that at the end of June 2017 currency in circulation on the domestic market reached BGN 14.214 billion (7.3 billion Euros). Compared to the end of June 2016, a rise of 12.3 percent has been marked. The share of..

16.08.17 10:41 |

Bank deposits of Bulgarian households keep growing in March

At the end of March 2017 the bank deposits of the non-governmental sector in Bulgaria reached a level of 43.3 billion euro or 72 percent of forecast GDP. The average rise is 8.4 percent. Deposits of households reached 22.7 billion euros (47.8% of GDP),..

26.04.17 15:02 |

Bulgaria’s banking system to register record-high profits in 2016

The profit of Bulgaria’s banks amounted to over EUR 600 million by the end of November, the Bulgarian National Bank informs. The banks’ profit is EUR 180 million higher as compared to the same period (January-November) last year. According to..

31.12.16 09:47 |

Profit of Bulgaria’s banking system exceeds EUR 500 million

The profit of the Bulgarian banking system exceeded EUR 500 million, data of the Bulgarian National Bank for August show. In August 2016 the results of the stress tests of the country’s banking system were announced. The profit of the Bulgarian..

01.10.16 09:50 |

Bank mergers expected in Bulgaria

Bulgarian National Bank Governor Dimitar Radev has predicted consolidation and mergers of banks in Bulgaria, in line with analogous developments in Europe. Interest has been declared from strategic investors, which was not seen in the past years...

30.09.16 10:44 |
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