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By 2017 banks must introduce reasonable fees

Banks in Bulgaria must introduce reasonable fees for basic services offered by 2017. Banks are obliged to make this change in conformity with the European directive on fees and charges by introducing fees that are reasonable (below the average for..

19.08.16 14:50 |

BNB: corrections needed of 1.3 percent of bank assets

The stress tests of the Bulgarian banking system have suggested the need of corrections of 1.3 percent of bank assets. This amounts to the total of 665 million leva (close to 333 million euro). The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) has said that the..

13.08.16 14:37 |

BNB Governor Dimitar Radev: Bulgaria’s banking system is stable

The Bulgarian banking system is stable and the commercial banks do not need financial support from the state budget, Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank Dimitar Radev announced on occasion of the end of the quality asset review and the stress..

11.08.16 17:23 |

Bulgaria’s banks register record-high profits ahead of forthcoming quality asset review

The profit of the thirty odd commercial banks operating in Bulgaria amounted to nearly EUR 450 million in 2015. In the first four months of 2016 only, they registered a profit to the tune of EUR 200 million . In other words, their annual returns may..

04.06.16 10:19 |

New Internet page allows customers to compare bank taxes

Following amendments to the Payment Services Act, the Bulgarian National Bank is to open an Internet page where citizens will be able to compare the taxes collected by the commercial banks. The banks will be obliged to publish documents with clear and..

25.05.16 15:41 |

Interest rates on deposits close to zero

The interest rates on deposits offered by the commercial banks to the local households and companies have reached new historical lows and are very close to zero (those in Euro offered to Bulgarian firms decreased to 0.38% on an annual basis). The..

03.05.16 17:10 |
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