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9% VAT for some sectors – benefits and drawbacks for the economy

Amidst continuing anti-government protests, the government reduced, temporarily, VAT on wine and beer served in food and drink establishments form 20% to 9%. The motive of the authors of the measure – the United Patriots and Volya – was to..

04.08.20 10:50 |

Wine and beer at food and drink establishments with lower VAT

A new lower VAT rate is in place, as of 1 August, 2020, on wine and beer served in catering establishments, which will be valid until the end of 2021. The reduction on VAT from 20% to 9% is also valid for tourist services, gyms and..

01.08.20 12:50 |

VAT on beer, wine sales in restaurants temporarily lowered to 9%

VAT is reduced from 20 to 9% for wine and beer sales in restaurants, commissions of tour operators and charter bus services, gyms and sports facilities. This was voted at second reading in parliament today with the votes of GERB, United Patriots, Volya..

30.07.20 11:52 |

Bulgaria has right to reduce VAT on beer and wine

Bulgaria has the right to temporarily reduce VAT on alcohol, the European Commission said in response to a question from the Dnevnik portal. Following a proposal sent to parliament to reduce VAT on beer and wine from 20% to 9%, there were opinions that..

29.07.20 17:47 |

Bulgaria produces 5 million hectoliters of beer a year

Thirty percent of Bulgarians consider moderate consumption of beer to be part of a healthy lifestyle. This is what a poll conducted by the Brewers' Union in Bulgaria shows. Data of the union also indicates that beer in Bulgaria is consumed 8-9..

17.12.19 14:35 |

Brewers in Bulgaria register growth in sales

At their annual general meeting, the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria announced the sector had contributed appreciably to the national economy. According to Customs Agency data, proceeds from excise duty levied on beer in 2016 amounted to 81.3..

27.02.17 13:42 |

There is already beer museum in Bulgaria

The frothy liquid with a pleasantly bitter taste known as beer is revered all over the world. There are beer museums in Dublin, Ireland; Potsville, the. U.S.; Sapporo, Japan; and Amsterdam, Holland. The largest beer collection hosted in a museum is in..

09.12.09 14:07 |
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