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Bulgaria joins international programme “Women for Bees”

Bulgaria is one of the five countries in the world that will participate at a UNESCO project for training of women beekeepers. The programme named “Women for Bees” begins on June 21 in France, on the territory of a bio reserve, where the..

12.06.21 10:50 |

European market may close door for Bulgarian honey, beekeepers worry

There is a real risk that 45,000 tons of honey from South America would enter the European market through duty-free imports, the Association of Producers of Organic Bee Products warn. This could happen due to a trade agreement between the EU and..

08.08.19 15:32 |

Northeastern Bulgaria is one of the most honey-yielding regions in the country

Northeastern Bulgaria is mostly flat country, a large portion of which is farmland. To the east is the Black Sea coast, to the north – the Danube, to the south is the eastern portion of the Balkan Range, and to the west it borders on the..

31.07.19 13:04 |

60% decline in honey production marked in Bulgaria in 2018

Honey production in 2018 has dropped by about 60% on average, Nikolay Kumenov, chairman of the Federation of Bulgarian Beekeepers in Bulgaria told the BNR. As a reason for the fall, he pointed out higher rainfall during the year. Another reason is the..

27.11.18 17:49 |

The Bee Museum in Sofia - showcasing biodiversity and helping people return to their natural environment

The time when the meaning of the word “museum” conveyed a sense of tedium – dreary buildings filled with boring expositions of items amassed through the centuries and handed down from generation to generation to illustrate historical, cultural or..

25.08.17 10:56 |

To protect bees we need to rectify human actions

Bees are one of the wonders of nature. Their home – the hive – is a smooth-running machine, in which everyone knows their place and obligations. The hierarchy is rigorous and is respected by all. The hexagonal cells that make up the..

28.07.17 12:40 |
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