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Beekeepers- the human species that should never go extinct

On February 10, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of Great Martyr Haralambos the Wonderworker who lived in the 2 century in Asia Minor. Saint Haralambos is regarded as patron saint of bees and apiarists , as since time immemorial..

10.02.23 13:19 |

Beekeepers are worried that Bulgarian honey holds the lowest purchase price in Europe

The label of the honey jar must indicate the country where the honey was produced by force of a Council of Ministers decree. The aim is to protect the health and the rights of consumers and to facilitate access to high-quality products. The document..

10.01.23 13:15 |

Beekeeping - an invaluable factor for health, yet not a priority sector for the Bulgarian state

Nature this year has been kinder to beekeepers, providing them with warm rainy days in April, which created favourable conditions for the flowering of rapeseed, one of the preferred honey crops for insects. The warm days in May favoured the flowering of..

05.07.22 16:45 |

Beekeepers from Strandzha receive European award

A bee farm from the Strandzha village of Indzhe Voivoda has won the first prize in the category of farm sustainability at the European Congress of Young Farmers. The owners of the farm are the family of Dimitar Stanchev and..

10.12.21 16:31 |

Beekeepers in Bulgaria call for ban on bee-harming pesticides

The Bulgarian coordinators for the European Citizens' Initiative for the prohibition of bee-harming pesticides have submitted a petition with this request to Bulgaria's Ministry of Regional Development today to adopt a ban on such pesticides. The..

01.12.21 16:36 |

Bulgaria joins international programme “Women for Bees”

Bulgaria is one of the five countries in the world that will participate at a UNESCO project for training of women beekeepers. The programme named “Women for Bees” begins on June 21 in France, on the territory of a bio reserve, where the..

12.06.21 10:50 |

European market may close door for Bulgarian honey, beekeepers worry

There is a real risk that 45,000 tons of honey from South America would enter the European market through duty-free imports, the Association of Producers of Organic Bee Products warn. This could happen due to a trade agreement between the EU and..

08.08.19 15:32 |

Northeastern Bulgaria is one of the most honey-yielding regions in the country

Northeastern Bulgaria is mostly flat country, a large portion of which is farmland. To the east is the Black Sea coast, to the north – the Danube, to the south is the eastern portion of the Balkan Range, and to the west it borders on the..

31.07.19 13:04 |

60% decline in honey production marked in Bulgaria in 2018

Honey production in 2018 has dropped by about 60% on average, Nikolay Kumenov, chairman of the Federation of Bulgarian Beekeepers in Bulgaria told the BNR. As a reason for the fall, he pointed out higher rainfall during the year. Another reason is the..

27.11.18 17:49 |

The Bee Museum in Sofia - showcasing biodiversity and helping people return to their natural environment

The time when the meaning of the word “museum” conveyed a sense of tedium – dreary buildings filled with boring expositions of items amassed through the centuries and handed down from generation to generation to illustrate historical, cultural or..

25.08.17 10:56 |
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