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The first pelicans for this year born in Bulgaria’s Srebarna reserve

The first pairs of Dalmatian pelicans which in March built their nests in the Srebarna Nature Reserve on the Danube River hatched a new generation . The pelicans were born in the wooden pile platforms specially built for them in the northern..

16.04.21 17:00 |

Zvinitsa – one of Bulgaria’s stork villages

There is a village in the Eastern Rhodopes (southern Bulgaria), which locals claim is the village with the biggest number of storks in this country. Whether this is so has not been conclusively proven, but the first representatives of the..

16.03.20 13:24 |

Natura 2000 – Bulgarian style or why griffon vultures are vanishing from the Bulgarian lands, again

Kresna Gorge is an area that is exceedingly rich in different wild flora and fauna species, part of Natura 2000. Birdlife International describes it as an essential ornithological zone. Bulgarian environmentalists have every reason to feel proud..

06.04.17 13:16 |

Where did sparrows go?

Spring is now everywhere around. One can hear the voices of different birds in the park more and more often. However, where did sparrows disappear? Environmental experts from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds ask this..

23.03.17 14:02 |
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