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Automatic Pet Feeders placed at four locations in Sofia

Automatic pet feeders were installed at four locations in Sofia. The feeders distribute food and water to homeless animals. The so-called Dog-o-mats and Bird-o-mats are triggered after a plastic bottle is inserted into a special hole.  "There are two..

20.05.22 21:44 |

Passenger aircraft fails to take off at Sofia Airport as birds hit one of its engines

A passenger aircraft failed to take off at Sofia Airport on Sunday morning as birds hit one of its engines. The aircraft had to fly from Sofia to Frankfurt. No passengers were injured.  Passengers were redirected to other flights, the press office..

28.11.21 15:24 |

Bird migration attracts nature lovers to Lake Varna

On October 2 and 3, for the 28th consecutive year, Bulgaria joins the European Bird Days. They are marked by various events organized by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds across the country. Those interested can..

02.10.21 05:10 |

Bulgaria ranks second in Europe in bird species diversity

With its 426 species of birds, Bulgaria ranks second in Europe in this indicator, but it is also among the richest countries in biodiversity on the Old Continent. Endangered species such as the Imperial Eagle, theGriffon Vulture and other birds of prey..

01.04.21 11:26 |

Black vulture nests in Bulgaria for first time in past three decades

For the first time in 28 years after the last known nesting of black vultures in Bulgaria, the formation of three pairs in the Balkan Mountains has been registered. This has happened thanks to the efforts of Green Balkans..

21.03.21 16:31 |

Habitats of eastern imperial eagle have decreased by half for 15 years

According to a study by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), for the last 15 years the grass habitats of the eastern imperial eagle ( Aquila heliaca ) have been reduced by half, compared to the period before Bulgaria's accession..

29.06.20 15:54 |

Poachers kill Bulgaria's only black vulture

One of the rarest birds in Bulgaria, the black vulture named Ultron, was found shot dead by poachers in the area of ​​Kardzhali (Southern Bulgaria), Green Balkans reported. It was  donated to Bulgaria by Belgian zoo Planckendael. The Green Balkans..

25.05.20 17:32 |

Wild colony of lesser kestrel settles in Bulgaria after more than 50 years of absence

The lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni)has returned to Bulgaria at a difficult time, the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Team has reported. Strictly observing the current state of emergency in Bulgaria, environmentalists are taking care of the rare..

29.03.20 10:00 |
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