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Photos: personal archive, BNR Burgas

Georgi Gospodinov reveals the hidden messages of Bulgarian banknotes

Writer Georgi Gospodinov presented in Burgas one of his less known works entitled “The Cracks of the Canon”. It is divided into two parts. The first one renders an analysis of some of the less popular works of renowned Bulgarian writers Hristo Botev,..

03.07.22 11:15 |

Spring Book Bazaar begins in Sofia

From today until June 6, the space in front of the National Palace of Culture will become a hospitable place for lovers of literature.  The opening of the Spring Book Bazaar will go under the motto " Nine percent VAT on books for a more literate and..

31.05.21 07:05 |
Chasoslovets (Book of Hours) of Jakov Krajkov

Bulgaria joins World Book and Copyright Day

On April 23, the world celebrates Book and Copyright Day. It was designated by a UNESCO decision in 1995. About 10,000 books are published annually in Bulgaria, according to NSI data. It is interesting to note that the first printed book by a..

23.04.21 08:28 |

Prominent climber presents guide on sports and tourism options in Vitosha Mountain

After numerous ascents of the highest mountains on Earth, the Bulgarian alpine climber Doychin Boyanov devoted his time to a closer and more familiar mountain – Vitosha located near Bulgaria’s capital Sofia . Only a few days ago he presented the book "..

07.03.21 06:05 |

Leo Bianchi – more about the Bulgarian dream and bright side of life

Leo Bianchi is probably the most popular Italian in Bulgaria. Always smiling, positive and smart - this is how he has won the hearts of Bulgarians as a reality star back in 2005. This is revealed in his book called " My Way. An Italian who found..

16.12.20 15:12 |

Georgi Gospodinov's novel "Time Shelter" to be published in France and USA

The new novel by popular contemporary Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov - "Time Shelter" is to be published in France by one of the largest and most prestigious publishing houses in the country - "Gallimard", BTA has reported. The book is expected to..

16.12.20 13:42 |

The challenge of creating a radio novel

The creation of the book " Nestinarski Tants” (Fire Dance) began as a reality radio novel. Initially aired on Radio Sofia and later on the Hristo Botev program on the Bulgarian National Radio, the authors narrated one chapter of the work per..

08.11.20 05:00 |
Atanas Atanasov and Stefan Danailov

The golden generation of Bulgarian actors who were educated abroad

Renowned Bulgarian actress Stoyanka Mutafova (1922-2019), who performed on stage practically until her death, graduated from the state drama school of the Ivan Vazov National theatre in Sofia (1946-1947), but got her professional education at..

05.11.20 13:54 |

Jubilee book traces achievements of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The book “150 years Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Temple of knowledge” is the first encyclopedic publication of its kind about the diverse research work of the academy since its foundation. The book also presents the present-day scientific..

26.10.20 16:33 |

Vasko Vassilev at 50

Having started his career at the age of 10 as a child prodigy, Vasko Vassilev is now one of the most charismatic performers on stage, his concerts invariably bringing in large audiences. On his 50 th birthday, 14 October, the renowned..

14.10.20 14:28 |

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