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Bulgaria is beginning to climb another Covid-19 wave: Prof. Georgi Momekov

“Bulgaria is beginning to climb another Covid-19 wave and postponing vaccination will not be a good thing,” Prof. Georgi Momekov, chairman of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Scientific Society said in a comment regarding the Health..

05.07.22 16:06 |

Fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 approved in Bulgaria

A fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 will be administered in Bulgaria as of 27 June, after the Health Ministry approved the recommendations of the Expert Council on Immune Prophylaxis Oversight. The second booster dose will be applied..

24.06.22 13:15 |

Bulgaria reports rising number of new cases of Covid-19, five deaths

336 are the new Covid-19 cases registered in Bulgaria in the last 24 hours, or 26 more than the day before. Over 57% of the newly infected persons have not been vaccinated. 8.7% of the 3,843 tests performed came back positive, according to the..

23.06.22 10:27 |

Bulgaria reports 151 new daily cases of Covid-19

Bulgaria has registered 151 new cases of Covid-19 in the past day. According to the National Coronavirus Information Portal, 5.86% of the 2,577 tests came back positive.  There are currently 737 hospitalized patients as 78 of them are in intensive..

09.05.22 09:45 |

Bulgaria reports 1,388 new daily infections, 70% of them among non-vaccinated citizens

During the last 24 hours, 1,388 cases of coronavirus have been identified from the 10,700 tests performed , data from the National Coronavirus Information Portal show. 13% of the tests gave a positive result.  70% of the new infections are among..

06.03.22 11:00 |

Bulgaria registers 5% daily growth in new Covid-19 infections

Bulgaria has registered 6,589 new coronavirus infections in the past day . More than ¾ of the newly infected citizens have not been vaccinated. 22.7% of the 28,986 tests performed returned a positive result, show data of the National Coronavirus..

16.02.22 09:08 |

Bulgaria reports more than 26% positive Covid-19 cases for third day running

Bulgaria has registered 9,874 new cases of coronavirus for the last 24 hours compared to 9,916 a day earlier. 77 percent of the newly infected persons are not immunized. 26.2% of the 37,945 tests performed returned positive, according to the National..

28.01.22 09:11 |
Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova

Health authorities in Bulgaria reduce Covid-19 quarantine

By order of Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova, as of today, 11 January, mandatory isolation for persons with confirmed Covid-19 is reduced from 14 to 10 days as of the date of the positive laboratory test. Quarantine for the close..

11.01.22 14:57 |
Prof. Penka Petrova

Prof. Penka Petrova: I expect this to be the last wave of coronavirus to sweep over Europe

“ A booster dose is crucial for the best outcome from a coronavirus infection. No one who has had a third dose has had severe Covid or has died,” Prof. Penka Petrova, director of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Microbiology said for..

31.12.21 10:51 |

As of today booster shots can be administered 3 months after second dose, and 2 months after single-dose coronavirus vaccine

As of 31 December, booster shots of the vaccine against Covid-19 can be administered 3 months after the second dose of a two-dose, and 2 months after a single-dose vaccine. EU digital Covid certificates under the new regulations are available via..

31.12.21 09:51 |

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