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Heavy traffic at border crossings with Romania and Turkiye

The village of Kardam, which is located near the Bulgaria-Romania border, is blocked by cargo vehicles waiting to cross into Romania. There is a 5 kilometer-long line and drivers are waiting for more than 2 days, local authorities told the Bulgarian..

16.07.23 12:35 |

Valentin Hristov arrested in Greece over the death of 18 migrants

Valentin Hristov, who is wanted on a European Arrest Warrant over the deaths of 18 migrants, has been detained in Greece, the BNT reported. The man was arrested near the Turkey-Greece border, on the road connecting Alexandroupoli and the border..

20.02.23 12:55 |

Romanian government approves agreement with Bulgaria on new ferry border checkpoint at Giurgiu-Ruse

The Romanian government has approved the bilateral agreement with Bulgaria on opening a ferry border checkpoint Giurgiu-Ruse on the Romania-Bulgaria border, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports, citing the Romanian Agerpres. The agreement..

30.09.22 11:44 |

Illegal weapons, ammunition confiscated at Lesovo border crossing

Customs officials at the Lesovo border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Turkey have found a pistol without inscriptions and without a serial number and 106 cartridges , the press center of the Customs Agency reported. The illegal weapon was carried in a..

31.08.22 14:02 |
 Ivan Demerdzhiev

Minister of Interior: The gendarmerie remains at the Kapitan Andreevo BCP as long as necessary

Acting Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev said that the gendarmerie will stay as long as necessary at the Kapitan Andreevo checkpoint on the border with Turkey to ensure the normal operation of the crossing point.  The reason for sending the..

07.08.22 13:57 |

Protesters to set up tent camp on the Danube Bridge near Ruse

P rotesters are planning to set up a tent camp on the Danube B ridge in Ruse at 6pm on Wednesday  to express their discontent against the traffic congestion caused by cargo vehicles, the BNR’s correspondent in Ruse Asya Pencheva reported...

03.08.22 17:42 |

Haulers protest at the Bulgaria-Romania border

A protest took place in the town of Silistra, located on the bank of the Danube River. The protesters are dissatisfied with the fact that the Bulgaria-Romania border crossing near the city is closed for cargo vehicles. Carriers, traders and..

02.07.21 17:52 |

Measures for easing traffic at Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Greece expected

Measures to ease the traffic through the Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint will be announced by July 1st. It is planned to increase the number of inspectors from the Greek side at the busiest point across the Bulgarian-Greek border, the Bulgarian..

24.06.21 09:12 |

Business representatives and citizens insist on opening of Ilinden-Exohi checkpoint between Bulgaria and Greece

Tonight, citizens have gathered to protest on the road Gotse Delchev-Drama. The reason for their dissatisfaction is the closed border checkpoint at Ilinden-Exohi between Bulgaria and Greece. After attempts by regional authorities in the two border..

23.06.21 18:40 |

Turkey stops at border trucks with plastic waste from Romania, Poland and Bulgaria

More than 10 trucks transporting plastic waste from Romania, Poland and Bulgaria are staying at the Lesovo border checkpoint on their way to a processing plant in Turkey. This was announced by the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment.  According to the..

22.05.21 17:17 |
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