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Bulgarian police detains 25 illegal migrants from Afghanistan near Vakarel

25 migrants from Afghanistan have been detained on the Thrace highway near the village of Vakarel, Sofia region. They had probably been abandoned by traffickers. Officals from the Ministry of Interior told the BNR that the refugees were spotted walking..

04.05.21 14:44 |

Bulgarian police seizes 186 gas pistols at border with Turkey in van with French registration

186 gas pistols and more than 7,000 rounds of ammunition were seized by the Bulgarian border police at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint, the Haskovo District Prosecutor's Office said. The weapons and ammunition were hidden in a van with French..

09.04.21 18:42 |

Turkey postpones court case against Bulgarian border guards

The court case against four Bulgarian border police officers, which is being tried in Turkey, has been postponed until 6 July. The court in Kırklareli accepted the request of the defence attorney of the Bulgarian officers for the ruling of the..

02.02.21 18:00 |

Intense traffic at Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint between Bulgaria and Greece continues

The holiday trip to Greece has been allowed since Monday, June 15, but it currently means getting trapped in a kilometer-long queue at the border for thousands of travellers. Even before the opening of the border, the Bulgarian authorities..

17.06.20 18:14 |

Large number of illegal migrants detained in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian border police have detained more than 150 migrants at the Bulgaria-Serbia border as they were trying to leave this country illegally. 117 of the detained persons have regular papers issued by the State Agency for Refugees. In the..

13.10.16 12:04 |

European border police to start from Bulgaria on 6 Oct: Boyko Borissov

The European border police will have its start on 6 October in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has said. He was quoted by BTA that this was due to that Bulgaria has done the best job protecting its border compared to other EU..

17.09.16 18:22 |

Four Polish Frontex officers receive minor injuries in Sofia road accident

Four Polish officers from the European border agency Frontex have received minor injuries as their car clashed with a tram in Sofia’s center. No passengers in the tram have been hurt.The Polish border guards are part of the team that supports the..

06.09.16 10:37 |

Specialized police operation on Bulgaria-Turkey border begins to curb migration

A specialized police force operation on the Bulgaria-Turkey border begins today aimed to curb migration and human trafficking. It has been prompted by the double increase in migration pressure since the beginning of this month, said in Burgas the..

13.08.16 19:55 |

Migrants: 87 foreigners detained in attempt to cross illegally Bulgaria-Serbia border

Eighty-seven foreign nationals have been detained over the past 24 hours as they tried to cross illegally the Bulgarian-Serbian border, Border Police General Directorate said. About 8 pm last night a border policeman from the town of Tran found 54..

13.08.16 17:26 |

Police to use carbon dioxide sensors to detect stowaway migrants at border checkpoints

Under a project co-financed by the EU, the Border Police Chief Directorate has received eighty portable gas analysis sensors which can detect persons hiding away indoors by gauging carbon dioxide levels in the air. The new devices are to be used in..

10.08.16 17:26 |
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