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NSI: Bulgaria's debt for 2022 is 22.6% of GDP

Bulgaria's debt for 2022 is 19.35 billion euros, or 22.6% of GDP, according to final data from the National Statistical Institute. The institutional sector "General government" reports a budget deficit of BGN -2.05 billion euros or -2.9% of GDP.

23.10.23 15:30 |

Budget deficit reaches 0.4% of GDP

At the end of September, the budget deficit was 380 million euro, the Ministry of Finance reported. This is 0.4% of the projected Gross Domestic Product. By the end of the year, the deficit is expected to reach the planned 2.5% of GDP...

03.10.23 09:18 |

Finance Ministry proposes increase of VAT for restaurant business back to 20%

The VAT rate for restaurateurs to become 20% again is one of the measures in the tax laws proposed by the Ministry of Finance . During the Covid epidemic, the tax rate for the industry was reduced to 9%. According to Minister Asen Vasilev, its..

26.09.23 15:10 |

Brussels makes three economic recommendations to Bulgaria

In the recommendations of the European Commission to the economies of the EU countries, for Bulgaria it is said that, together with 14 other countries in the community, it does not comply with the requirement for a budget deficit of 3%. The deficit..

24.05.23 17:35 |
Caretaker PM Galab Donev

Caretaker prime minister advises MPs to think about how to reduce budget deficit

Bulgaria's caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev recommended to the MPs to seek a solution on how to reduce the budget deficit from 6.4% to 3%. The government is holding an extraordinary meeting today with the task of adopting the draft state budget for..

28.04.23 12:35 |

Deficit in 2023 draft state budget can be reduced to 3%

Reserves have been found, thanks to which the deficit included in the 2023 draft state budget can be reduced from 6.4% to 3% . This was announced by Asen Vassilev, co-chairman of "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria", after a meeting of..

27.04.23 19:20 |
Galab Donev

Caretaker government aims to keep budget deficit below 3 percent, PM Donev says

The elections were calm and there were no significant violations. That is why you don't hear parties talking about such violations, caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev has told bTV. "The parties might be surprised by the results but..

07.04.23 10:28 |

The current challenge: Economic growth in the face of political upheaval

The cost of the fall of the Bulgarian government in the short-term amounts to BGN 900 million  or almost EUR 460 million, says Latchezar Bogdanov, Chief Economist at the Institute for Market Economics. But if the political..

19.07.22 15:10 |

Bulgaria’s cabinet to discuss the 2022 state budget

Bulgaria’s cabinet is expected to meet online today to discuss the 2020 draft state budget, the budget of the State Social Security and the National Health Insurance Fund. The 2022 draft budget envisages a GDP growth of 4.8%, or 1.2% more as..

31.01.22 05:05 |

Finance Minister Vassilev presents 2022 draft budget

Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev called the 2022 draft budget “a budget of economic growth”. “The new budget envisages higher capital investments with EU funds and money from the state budget; a significant increase..

24.01.22 13:22 |
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