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A deterioration of the business climate in Bulgaria observed in August

The business climate in Bulgaria has worsened by 3.4 points in August compared to July, according to the traditional survey of the National Statistical Institute . The uncertain economic environment remains a leading factor in the deterioration of..

30.08.22 11:44 |
National Statistical Institute

Despite the political crisis, the business climate remains stable: National Statistical Institute

The economic situation in the country has stabilized in 2022. Managers in all spheres continue to expect a rise in prices in the coming three months, the latest National Statistical Institute business climate report shows.  The growth forecasts..

28.07.22 12:23 |

NSI: Business climate in Bulgaria improves

In June 2022, the economic situation in Bulgaria improved. The overall business climate indicator rose 1.4 percentage points as compared to the previous month, when it fell 0.7 points, the National Statistics Institute announced. The indicator..

29.06.22 12:09 |

NSI: Business climate in Bulgaria deteriorates in May

In May 2022, the total business climate indicator decreased by 0.7 percentage points in comparison with April as a result of the more unfavourable business climate, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said. The industry indicator was..

30.05.22 14:06 |

BIA: The pandemic continues to worsen Bulgaria's business climate

A study of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) for the country's business climate shows that in 2021 the negative trend of 2020  trigged by the Covid crisis  continues . Only 9% of the respondents see an improvement in the business..

13.12.21 14:17 |

Bulgaria's businesses predict prices will continue to rise

Entrepreneurs in the retail and services sectors in Bulgaria expect that prices will continue rising in the next three months , shows a November survey conducted by the National Statistical Institute. As a result of the deteriorating business climate in..

29.11.21 14:57 |

Bulgaria’s economy against the backdrop of inflation, coronavirus pandemic, elections and expectations for growth

The autumn economic forecast of the European Commission and the medium-term macroeconomic three-year framework of the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance have been recently published. Brussels expects Bulgaria to mark a 3.8-percent GDP growth this..

16.11.21 13:56 |

2% of businesses give positive assessment to business climate in 2020

2020 is the most business-negative year in the past decade, indicates an online survey conducted by the Bulgarian Industrial Association in the period 10 November – 10 December among 81 micro, small, medium and large enterprises from all economic..

17.12.20 13:10 |

Sustainability of businesses is a function of the business climate and of customer loyalty

A stable and predictable business environment and simplifying start-up and business management procedures to the maximum would create conditions for economic growth, more tax revenues and opportunities for the people who are not all that..

15.12.20 11:49 |

Economic map of Bulgaria helps Bulgarian and foreign investors make their choice

The most important question all countries of Europe, and the world, are now facing is: what are the most effective ways for economic recovery? The pandemic and the subsequent restrictions have had a dire effect on growth spreading to practically..

27.07.20 10:23 |

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