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Bulgaria contests the 40% cut in carbon emissions from thermal power plants

"Bulgaria is not giving up renegotiating the Recovery and Resilience Plan with the European Commission", caretaker Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov said after the meeting of the EU energy ministers in Brussels. However, Minister Hristov admitted..

28.03.23 19:27 |

Trade unions on protest, demand renegotiation of carbon emissions for Bulgaria

The two largest trade unions in Bulgaria, KNSB and Podkrepa, are protesting in front of the parliament in defence of the country's energy security.   They are dissatisfied with the commitment in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan to cut carbon..

12.01.23 12:45 |

MP calls on President Radev to summon the National Security Council over energy sector

President Rumen Radev should convene the National Security Advisory Council due to the requirement in the Recovery and Resilience Plan by 2026 to reduce carbon emissions by 40% compared to 2019 .  Delyan Dobrev, chairman of the parliamentary energy..

16.12.22 18:19 |

Bulgarian President expects the European Commission to react to the speculation with electricity prices

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev said the European Commission had not found the reason for the sharp rise in electricity prices in the European Union . After the European Council meeting, he told reporters that the energy market estimates presented did..

17.12.21 10:09 |

Bulgaria has nothing to replace coal mines with so as to guarantee a stable economy, energy industry and security

Under the EU Green Deal, of which Bulgaria is part, the use of coal in the energy industry is to be done away with by 2030. The target is for net carbon emissions to be reduced by 55%. Politicians in this country have, for a long time,..

20.09.21 14:47 |
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