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Chamber of Commerce of Haskovo calls for the construction of pan-European corridor No. 9

Interested municipalities and mayors should show more interest in the Pan-European Corridor No. 9 Stockholm - Alexandroupoli in order to work on its completion . Yancho Yanev, chairman of the Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed this..

28.11.22 19:55 |

Bulgarian drones to carry out cargo flights in the EU

By the end of 2022, cargo flights with Bulgarian unmanned cargo planes will be launched in the Mediterranean, and in 2024 in Bulgaria. The cargo flights of the Bulgarian drones will initially start in Malta and Italy, gradually expanding their scope...

08.08.22 19:10 |

Unloading operation of Vera Su continues

The unloading operation of the ship Vera Su which ran aground near Kamen Bryag has continued today. One more attempt is expected to be made to stabilize the ship. Another attempt to pull stuck ship "Vera Su" has failed The 600 cubic..

25.10.21 15:31 |

Stranded ship Vera Su will not be salvaged, technically it is a sunken vessel

The ship Vera Su which ran aground near Kamen Bryag cannot be salvaged. The ship is extremely compromised, the engine room is flooded and the vessel is now deemed to be a wreck. This has been established after an inspection by scuba divers...

12.10.21 09:38 |
Vera Su ship

Dangerous weather hinders unloading of ship stranded on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast

The unloading of the Vera Su ship which ran aground off the coast of the Yaylata nature reserve on Bulgaria's northern Black Sea coast on September 20, is expected to begin in the coming days , when weather forecasters predict an improvement in the..

09.10.21 13:08 |

Bulgaria extends ban on international flights and railway servises

The ban on incoming flights from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Spain to Bulgaria is extended until April12, the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Information Technologies announced . Bulgaria will launch flights to Spain and Italy to take..

30.03.20 16:22 |

Railways to facilitate traffic at Bulgaria-Turkey border

As of today, between 60 and 80 TIR trailers will be transported to and from Turkey each day onboard a train. The Bulgarian Ministry of Transport is negotiating with the railway haulers to buy more wagons. Thus, trailers of more than 100 cargo vehicles..

26.03.20 14:10 |
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