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Alleged go-betweens in issuance of fake Covid-19 certificates released from custody

Four people detained over alleged mediation in a scheme for the issuance of fake Covi-19 vaccine certificates from the medical centre in Kyustendil have been released from custody in Veliko Turnovo. At this point there is not enough evidence..

16.10.21 15:48 |
Justice Minister Yanaki Stoilov

Procedure for issuing Bulgarian citizenship certificates accelerated

"During the three summer months of the caretaker government, services have been provided to 7,600 individuals who have received their certificates of acquired Bulgarian citizenship .  By way of comparison, during the whole of 2020 the number of..

21.09.21 13:05 |

Reissuing of Covid-19 certificates starts on June 4

All citizens who already have a certificate for completed vaccination cycle against Covid-19 will be able to reissue their document in European format free of charge on the website of the National Health Information System (www.his.bg) in the..

31.05.21 19:38 |

Authorities check for illegal voting

According to law, the Department Civil Registration and Administrative Services at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will check all voters in the country and abroad to determine whether there are people present on..

04.04.21 08:55 |
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