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Nikolai Badinski draws inspiration from Levski, Haydn and Messiaen

This year’s edition of the annual forum “New Bulgarian Music”, organized by the Union of Bulgarian Composers, presents chamber pieces by composers from different generations. Some of them made a career abroad. Nikolai Badinski, who graduated from the..

18.10.21 16:02 |

Classical music will be played in medieval churches in Arbanassi

Today is the start of the traditional Arbanassi Summer Music Festival for classical chamber music. The program of the event includes four concerts, which will be held in the medieval churches of The Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel and the Church of..

14.07.21 06:35 |

Agitato festival highlights chamber music

Agitato is a term in music meaning agitated and captures the mood that a work of music or a music phrase should carry. This is also the name of one of the youngest music forums in Bulgaria, Agitato Sofia Chamber Music Festival . Its 3 rd edition..

29.11.17 12:29 |
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