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Charity Christmas campaigns take place across Bulgaria

One day before Christmas, people in need received generous food parcels from the Christmas carolers who organized the charity campaign "Be Human". Dozens of donors took part in the campaign and made more than 50 lonely people and poor families in..

24.12.22 14:11 |

Mothers oppose Parliament’s decision to send military aid to Ukraine

The newly established civil initiative "Mothers Against War" is to submit a petition to the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers demanding the annulment of the decision of the MP s to provide military aid to Ukraine...

11.11.22 15:13 |

Nearly two thirds of parents of children with disabilities in Bulgaria are treated with respect

About 80% of parents of children without disabilities age d  6 or under believe that physical ly and intellectual ly  handicapped children suffer because of negative attitudes towards them. 80% of parents of children with disabilities..

30.09.22 14:00 |

Mothers from "The System is Killing Us" go to the elections with "Stand Up, Bulgaria"

The mothers of children with disabilities, united by the initiative "The system is killing us", have announced that they are going to the early parliamentary elections on October 2 together with "Stand Up, Bulgaria", the civil organization of the former..

21.08.22 14:59 |

The mothers from "The System is Killing Us" announce their participation in the elections

The mothers of children with disabilities from the civil initiative "The system is killing us" will announce today their decision to participate in the early parliamentary elections . Symbolically, they will do this in front of their tent camp in the..

15.08.22 06:55 |

Mothers of children with disabilities attempt to enter parliament in attempt to be heard

Mothers of children with disabilities in Bulgarua united by the "The System is Killing Us" protested in front of the Bulgarian parliament today . They tried to enter the parliament building and meet with MPs to present their demands for an increase in..

22.02.22 14:28 |

Bulgaria Today – July 26, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Monday, July 26we bring you first the latest news stories from this country. Next on the show, we look into the problem of the shortage of doctors and nurses in Bulgaria and the difficulties children with disabilities are..

26.07.21 18:17 |

Dedicated coaches and parents turn children with disabilities into people ready for success

Boyan is a 15-year-old adolescent from Sofia, one of those who grow up and manage to cope in life despite having the Down syndrome. He has surpassed most of his peers in physical abilities and is a multiple medalist at the European Games for..

26.07.21 14:09 |

Citizens block traffic in front of parliament building on Day 70 of anti-government protests

On the 70th day of the anti-government protests in Bulgaria, several hundred citizens have blocked Dondukov Blvd. in the capital in front of the former Party House  of the Bulgarian Communist Party, which is being now used as a new parliament building...

16.09.20 19:26 |

Mothers of disabled children block entrance of Bulgarian parliament

Mothers of children with disabilities united in the the initiative "The System Is Killing Us" have gathered in protest in front of the entrance to the new National Assembly building . They refuse to withdraw from the entrance and call on all deputies to..

16.09.20 17:43 |
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